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Beauty and the Beast – 2.09 – Don’t Die On Me – Teasers: Let’s Make Some Lemonade

‘Let’s Make Some Lemonade’

Happy New Year Beasties! I missed you. Did you miss me?

We have one week to go until Beauty and the Beast comes roaring back on to our screens, Monday, January 13, 2014 at 9 PM/8 PM Central on The CW.

I know the hiatus was an unusually brutal one due to a press release about the mid-season scheduling which seems to leave BATB on an indefinite hiatus after March but I’ve been hearing good things about the rest of the season which should be occurring right around episode 13 or 14 and episode 10 sounds incredibly interesting.

Hmm, at this point you might be asking yourself why am I not towing the reviewer line and gushing about how Beasties will love episode 2x09 like everyone on Twitter and the other TV sites have been reporting. That’s because I’m a real fan, I don’t get paid to write about the show, these reviews are an endeavor of pure passion and genuine love for the show. I know what the majority of Beasties want and that’s VinCat. The writers have really handed us some lemons on that front but I decided to focus on the good of this episode and thus will be making the metaphorical lemonade for this teaser article.

Title: Don’t Die on Me |Written By: Eric Tuchman |Directed By: Mairzee Almas

Synopsis: CAT AND VINCENT’S RELATIONSHIP IS IN DIRE CONDITION — In order to prevent Vincent (Jay Ryan) from further injuries, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) helps protect Tori (guest star Amber Skye Noyes) when her life is threatened, revealing a new, unexpected mystery. Meanwhile, Vincent's stubborn attempt to intervene leads to life-changing consequences, which causes Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Cat to grow closer

Initial Grade: D-

Final Grade: C+ (after live tweeting when the episode airs this might change, sometimes other Beasties point out things that I’ve missed and it allows for me to look at an episode with a fresh pair of eyes).

Reason: OK, for like the first time ever, the press release was DEAD on. That’s a bad sign when the powers that be feel the need to give it all away in a press release. They even put the emphasis on Cat and Gabe growing closer, which if they were even the tiniest bit self-aware of the fans reception of this idea, they would have cut that part because honestly, in this episode it was pretty much more of the same with Gabe just hanging out hoping Cat will finally notice him. It took me about 3 viewings to be able to become objective as oppose to subjective.

It was hard for me to swallow but they did give me something that I have been begging for, whether or not they mess that up is yet to be seen. This is a transition episode. It’s literally the setup for the rest of the season. While an intriguing premise presents itself toward the end, the rest of it was painful for me to watch.

There are good things about this episode but they are far and few between and the bad stuff in my opinion far outweighs them. But I have a feeling that the writers needed for the characters to hit rock bottom in order to build them up where they need to be to give us a new and improved VinCat that will last for the ages. All I can really say is keep the faith and trust Sherri and Jenny.

We Beasties need to stay positive and stick together,so I will say sorry that I didn't have more happier news to report. I just wanted you to be prepared.

The Good

1. We get some JT backstory and it’s a dozy and actually answers a burning question I think most of us have had since the show started. Seriously, it’s a jaw dropper, my mouth fell open.

2. It seems that JT and Vincent will indeed be spending some quality time together for this next half of the season.

3. We are getting a very cool mystery to unravel courtesy of the late Mr. Windsor.

4. The JTnT ship has wind for its sails, I think we’re leaving the harbor finally.

5. Gabe is still the same Gabe he’s been since the start of season 2.

6. We get to see one last glimpse of Agent Reynolds.

7. This episode is a GAME CHANGER! - The ending is truly amazing and something you might have never thought we’d see, or at least until the end of the series. Honestly, this is how I would have wanted the series to end. Intense!

The Bad

1. Yes, Tori is still there, but this episode literally picks up right where the mid-season finale ended. I happen to like Tori in this episode but I know how a lot Beasties feel about her.

2. There’s another faction out there that knows about Beasts.

3. There was a false alarm about something that would have put me over the moon, in regards to Cat and her job. If you listen to the podcast, you can probably guess what that is.

The Ugly

1. It looks very dire for VinCat. I honestly don’t know where the writers are going to go from here. I still trust the writers and have faith but man, I’m depressed.

2. The thing I thought I wanted most for Cat at this point in the show happens but it is terribly executed and left a sour taste in my mouth.

I look forward to reading your comments which you can leave below.

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