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Teen Wolf - 3.16 - Illuminated - Review: Ain't no party like a Teen Wolf Party

Long story short (aka a summary)
Beacon Hills is under curfew from the power outage; the teens throw a black light Halloween party; Scott tries to earn Kira’s trust.

Hey, Teen Wolf lovers! Can you believe we’ve already watched four episodes of season 3B? Are you bummed just like I am that we only have eight more to go? Well, let’s not dwell on that because there is a lot of great stuff to talk about and some awkward moments to evaluate. Let’s get started shall we?

So, in case you didn’t notice, the main theme was changed in this episode (and I’m pretty sure only for this episode) in honor of The Bloody Beetroots who was serving as the party’s DJ. The Bloody Beetroots came out with an amazing remix of Teen Wolf’s theme song (the one featured in the opening credits) back in early July of 2013. I don’t really do spoilers for Teen Wolf so when I saw who the DJ was, the credit changes made some sense. I thought it was a cool thing to do. I think I might be in the minority though.

Anyway, this week’s episode was written by the lovely and talented Alyssa Clark. Fun Fact: She served as the show’s editor during season 1. This episode was directed by Russell Mulcahy, by far the most prolific director in the show’s stable who also happens to be an executive producer and pretty much Jeff Davis’s right hand man. I must say that I totally noticed his subtle shout outs to some his 80’s music videos that he is known for. I mean what screams 80’s more than neon colors, body paint, strobe lights and a rave? It also showcased his love of using light and shadow. The man practically has a fetish for reflective light. I wouldn’t be surprised he himself pitched the idea for the villains of the season to be shadow lurkers

So, we return to Beacon Hills this week and it’s Halloween. Wow, time moves so as heck in Beacon Hills, am I right? Almost as slow as time in Rosewood over on Pretty Little Liars and that’s saying something. We witness two little middle school aged snots, smashing and stomping jack o lanterns with glee and much delight. They spot five shadowy figures marching towards them in the distance off in the distance then smash cut to the Argent’s apartment and we spy Isaac shaking on the floor as Chris and Allison finally burst through the door. Isaac is ice cold and something seems very off with him.

Left with no other choice Chris triggers him so that he can change and force the healing process. Chris reveals that he thinks the Shadow Lurkers are after him and asks Allison and Isaac to keep it quiet for 24 hours. Chris runs to his office and grabs a box. In that box is a creepy broken mask that has a striking resemblance to the mask the Shadow Lurkers are rocking. Cue the modified opening credits.

When we come back, Agent McCall is interrogating Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Kira about her rescue. They aren’t very helpful or forthcoming and it frustrates the heck of Agent McCall much to my and Papa Stilinski’s delight. He can hold or charge them so he has to let them go. He warns Scott that there was probably someone controlling Barrows and then goes all paternal and tells him to get home because there is a curfew in effect and there’s school tomorrow.

We see Kira doing a little experimenting. She lights a candle and takes a selfie. The picture reveals her face is surrounded by glowing flames. Love the special effects for that; by far the best ones of the episode. I’m eager to know more about Kira. Arden Cho is slaying this role!

In an unexpected treat we get some coach Finstock screaming with a bullhorn. I call shenanigans though, I grew up in the California school system, if the power was out no way were we going to be in school. Most public school districts in California are truly fearful of lawsuits and just simply wouldn’t risk it. Not to mention since the weather is usually very mild, any situation for a free day off is always welcomed. But I digress…

After Stiles snarks at Coach Finstock he discovers a mysterious set of keys. Stiles channeling his inner custodian he pockets them and will it out later. Scott comes in and he’s on a mission. He wants to chat up Kira. Stiles doesn’t think that’s such a great idea. They are for all intent and purposes living on a hellmouth and chances are if the person isn’t in the core group of friends the person is going to turn out to be a horrible monster. Hell, even if they are in the core group of friends, chances are they are some type of creature. With reveal at the end I wonder if it’s Stiles’ subconscious telling him to keep Scott away from Kira…

In the locker rooms, Danny is bummed having to cancel his party because of the power outage. As Ethan watches Danny leave, Aiden starts making fun of Ethan for being so smitten with Danny. He also ridicules him for wanting to help throw a high school Halloween party.

Lydia’s mom gets some action in this episode. She’s the new biology teacher although, Lydia’s book says Physics… I wouldn’t want my mom teaching at my school, especially not at Beacon Hills High. Teachers have a funny way of ending up dead. Fingers crossed Mrs. Martin makes it out of the season alive. Lydia high on the act of doing a good deed tells Aiden that all she sees when she looks at him is one third of the trio that helped kill Boyd. She goes on to say that she doesn’t want to be with a bad guy. This inspires Aiden to want to help Danny with his party.

Scott finds Kira during lunchtime, where she eventually opens up about what happened the previous night. She shows him what happens when a picture is taken of her with flash and explains that this only started a few months ago. Scott, the only person to ever see those flames besides Barrows. Barrow took a picture of it with her own phone. The phone that is now in the hands of the police. Scott tells Kira that they really need to get that phone back.

Stiles with rescue in the form of cloned keys, staff details and some entry advice. Kira and Scott are able to sneak into the police station to get Kira’s phone from the evidence locker. Kira just wants to take the whole phone. Scott says they should just delete the photos. Of course the battery is dead and needs to be charged. They find a cord and plug it into the laptop. Aww, Agent McCall has a baby picture of Scott as the desktop background.

Agent McCall shows up just as Scott and Kira are waiting for the phone to turn on, forcing Stiles to run in after and try to stall him in classic Stiles fashion. But Agent McCall makes a crack about Papa Stilinski’s abilities as an officer and Stiles ain’t having none of that. He responds by telling McCall that he knows the “real reason” he doesn’t like his dad. Apparently, Papa Stilinski knows something and Stiles knows too. Of course, we’re cute short and thus not able to gain that privy…Stiles has done what he came to do and Kira and Scott have safely made their way out undetected.

Meanwhile, Derek gets out of his car he is ambushed by some children yelling “Trick or treat!” He tosses candy into their buckets and wolfs out and roars at them. This just might be the cutest Derek Hale moment of the series (and honestly that’s kind of sad). Derek hears something but before he can react he is surrounded by the five Shadow Lurkers.

Well, you knew the kids were going to find a way to throw a party. Aiden offered up Derek’s loft that comes equipped with a handy dandy generator. Where was that thing when that plan with Kali went sideways… still bitter, don’t mind me.

The entire gang manages to make it to the party. Just as the party is reaching max potential we see glimpses of the Shadow Lurkers on the peripheral. There’s a shortage of ice and Ethan volunteers to grab some, ALONE. As he’s getting the ice the light bulb begins to flicker. He holds and it comes back on. After about 10 tries the Shadow Lurkers grow tire of it and just make their presence known and take what they want.

As the party continues, Lydia starts to hear the sounds of the Shadow Lurkers. The Shadow creepily grow from out of the darkness around her. Lydia opens her mouth to scream, but shockingly enough, they are able to silence her scream with only a hand wave.

Meanwhile, Scott and Kira are alone on the roof discussing what her aurora looks like. Cut to Allison and Isaac getting it done on the dance floor when Allison notices a mark behind Isaac’s ear, one that looks a lot like the number five. In the bathroom, they find Ethan. Isaac breaks Ethan’s arm to help trigger his healing powers.

Danny and Aiden also find Lydia passed out and freezing on the balcony and bring her inside. As Aiden tries to warm her back up, Lydia shakily tells him about the creatures who came out of the dark… and Aiden finds the number five marked behind her ear, in the same spot as Isaac’s. Quick flashes in the episode inform us that Ethan and Derek also have the marks, which follows the theory that anyone who is touched by the creatures becomes ‘marked’. For what? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

An even more Sour Wolf makes a triumphant return to his castle, only to find it packed with hot, sweaty, writhing teen age bodies and he is NOT amused. The Bloodbeet Roots body guard tells Derek that the DJ doesn’t take request. Yeah, that doesn’t go over so well and Derek throttles the poor guy, flips the DJ table and roars for everyone to get out of his loft. The kids scramble for the door and out of the shadows the rag tag team that is the McCall pack begins to come forth, as well as a whole gang of Shadow Lurkers.

They have their eyes set on Aiden and Aiden wants to know why they’re all staring at him. An awesome fight sequence ensues and I like it. They are using a different type of fight choreography and it works. These Shadow Lurkers even have katana blades hidden away where the souls should be. They seemed pretty unstoppable. As a matter of fact the only thing that did stop them was yet another case of insta-dawn. I won’t dwell on it… Before the scene ends, Isaac channels his best David Caruso and tells Allison that it looks like her father’s 24 hours are up.

Man Down! Papa Argent stumbles through the door of his house and passes out on the floor as Allison tries to call him on his cell. This is so not what I wanted for the Chris Argent arc. I hope he survives or Allison is going to truly be a wreck forever and ever and we might be forced to deal with Gerrad as her guardian.

In the final scene of the night, we finally learn where Stiles ran off to. The key fits into the door where Lydia found the coded message left for Barrow to kill Kira. Stiles looks at the numbers and has a terrifying realization. Not ready to believe he grabs the chalk and writes the numbers. Welp, the numbers match, it is his handwriting.

Grade: B-


Character of the Night

This is a tough one. I went with Stiles. Stiles got the biggest range of interactions this week, as well as an epiphany that lead to a stunning reveal that has me giddy with anticipation. I guess the side effects from reviving the Nemeton side plot didn’t fall apart and disappear after all.

Best Character Interactions

Kira and Scott were just too cute together. Arden and Tyler have some great onscreen chemistry. I’m over the moon that Scott’s potential love interest isn’t human and her parents actually like him (for now).

Favorite Moments

• Stiles tells Agent McCall that he knows why he hates his father.
• Derek yelling at everyone to get out of his loft.
• Scott scanning the crowd for Kira with his ‘wolf vision’ and seeing her ‘foxy’ aurora.
• Derek wolfing out on the little kids.
• Sheriff Stilinski laughing at Agent McCall as Stiles cracks wise

Favorite Lines


• Ethan: You don’t get it, do you? Scott doesn’t care about power, he cares about people. You wanna be a wolf in his pack? Try being a human in high school.

• Mama Martin: Sweetheart, since this is my first class and I haven’t taught in five years, I just want to remind you of one thing. Try not to embarrass me.
Lydia: You should have thought about that before wearing those shoes.

• Scott: Did you steal these?
Stiles: No, I cloned them using an RFID emulator.
Scott: …Isn’t that worse than stealing?
Stiles: Smarter.

• Kira: That was awesome! I mean, terrifying, completely terrifying, but kind of awesome. God, I’ve never done anything like that before, have you?
Stiles: [trading looks with Scott] Um, yeah, once or twice.

• Isaac: Derek can never know about this.
• Allison: I’m frustrated.
Isaac: Sexually?

Favorite Scenes
• Kira and Scott talking on the roof.
• Lydia alone at the party making stray observations about her friends.
• The Shadow Lurkers fight scene

Awkward Moment Awards
• That awkward moment when Teen Wolf turned into Supernatural during the scene where Ethan goes to get the ice and the light won’t stop flickering. Did anyone else scream get the rock salt and a shotgun? Just me? OK then.
• That awkward moment when Teen Wolf reminded me of that overly hyped Arrow episode 1x17: The Huntress Returns that featured Steve Aoki.
• That awkward moment when the whole audience got annoyed by the Allison and Scott’s across-the-room- glare. Hasn’t it already been established that they are just friends and moving on with their lives for like the last three episodes. Plus, Allison has Isaac. Cue eye roll.
• That awkward moment when Teen Wolf begins channel Vampire Diaries and decides to start throwing parties/dances all the time. They never ever end well. Learn that lesson and learn it soon. Please and thank you!

Theory of the Week
• The Shadow Lurker took Lydia’s Banshee scream.
• Danny might not be so firmly placed on Team Human after all

Troll of the Week
• Stiles not answering whether he likes girls AND guys. Man did that scene light up my Twitter timeline!

Burning Questions
• Is Chris going to die this season?
• Was Chris once a Shadow Lurker?
• How is Kira going to react to Scott being a werewolf?
• What do the marks mean?

Shameless Plugs & Self Promotion

Dahne (the usual reviewer for Teen Wolf here on Spoiler TV) and myself are starting a Teen Wolf podcast. We’ll begin next week, with episode 3.17: Silverfinger.

Here’s the podcast’s social media info, we’re looking forward to connecting with fans and making it a fun and interactive experience.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to sound off in the comments section below!

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