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Beauty and the Beast – 2.10 – Ancestors – Review: What happened to you?

‘What happened to you?’

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Title: Ancestors | Writers: Roger Grant & Rupa Magge| Director: Steven A. Adelson

Synopsis: VINCENT REVEALS HIS TRUE IDENTITY TO THE WORLD --- Vincent (Jay Ryan) goes on a national talk show to reveal he is still alive, while Cat (Kristin Kreuk) dives into an undercover case for FBI Agent Dana Landon (guest start Elisabeth Röhm). Vincent, determined to learn more about his beastly origins, ends up coming face-to-face with Cat in the middle of a heist, which forces them to work together.

This week’s episode had an early season 1 vibe, or at least it did to me and I think it had to do with the writing duo that wrote this episode, Roger Grant and Rupa Magge. Roger Grant and Rupa are fan favorites and have been around since the beginning. They know what gets us Beasties all riled up as well as how to impart subtlety into the dialog and actions of the characters that can lend an air of hope on the VinCat front.

I summed up this episode on Twitter when a follower asked my opinion and because I didn’t want to ruin it, I replied with three words: funny, sexy and encouraging. My opinion still stands.

The director this week was Steven A. Adelson . I was a little shocked when I compared the last episode he directed which was 1x05: Saturn Returns, to this one. I also don’t think it’s fair because I was so in love with how wonderfully shot last week’s episode was that I might be a little harsh when comparing. I was not a fan of quite a few angles as well as the blue filter that was used for the beast senses. A lot of scenes were really tight and confined as well, something that doesn’t happen that often in Beauty and the Beast but I do think he did pull out great performances from all of the actors.

The answer to that mystery of what Jay Ryan was doing in LA at a talk show, is solved. This episode opens with Vincent making an appearance on ‘The Talk’. Sharon Osborne and Julie Chen make a fuss over him but he handles the spotlight well. Tori watches eagerly from the back. I love how her face goes from hopeful to horrified in such a short amount of time. After the interview, Vincent is very upset that his life is still quite a bit of a messy lie. Tori doesn’t understand why he can’t just be happy and try to lead a normal life.

Did you notice that the diner makes a triumphant return? I don’t think we seen that place since episode 2x02: Kidnapped. Cat is reading the paper. In case you missed it, the headline read: War Hero Dating Windsor Heiress (I hope I wasn’t the only who threw up a little in their mouth when seeing that). Cat looks annoyed and upset but Tess comes bounding in to brighten up scene. Cat resent people tiptoeing around the subject of Vincent. Tess gives her a pep talk but naturally, it’s interrupted by Gabe and they head off to see what Gabe wants.

Just when we thought we were done with the FBI, they come roaring back with the tail between their legs and hat in hand. Gabe has summoned Cat on behalf of Agent Dana Landon. Seems, she got a little trigger happy and killed a suspect.

My question then becomes, did she kill Mara on purpose to get close to Cat due to everything being all a little to convenient. Mara happens to bare a strong resemblance to Cat. Tess and Gabe are both dead set against the idea and Cat appears a little reluctant, until a news alert about Vincent flashes across on her phone screen. That causes her to go all Bella Swan and dive head first into danger to spite him. This is my least favorite Cat moment of all time to date. I appreciate her little speech to Gabe explaining her reasons but it fell flat because of this one tiny little moment.

Moving on, a frantic JT is desperately trying to reach Vincent. As the camera pans out, it seems the Gentleman’s Club has been ransacked and JT has been beaten up. Turns out Vincent asked JT to check out the skeleton and he’s been researching it for a few weeks now. Somehow, somebody found out and sent someone to steal it. Vincent uses his beast powers to sniff the culprit out, with Tori in tow.

Back at the 125th precinct Cat is getting prepped for her undercover job. Turns out, there is very little time to actually prep for this mission, as in a few hours. Another red flag that Cat is willing to ignore but Tess and Gabe are not. It’s so ridiculous to Gabe that he pulls Cat out into the hallway to call her on critical thinking skills. Cat snow jobs him and regales tales of what she use to do before she met Vincent and her life became all beast, all the time. He backs off.

In no time flat Vincent has tracked the burglar to his apartment. The burglar is not there. This gives Tori a moment to question Vincent’s motives as well as inquire about their future together. Vincent states that he needs to find out about his beast side. He needs to find something real about himself that he can hold on to. Tori is worried he’s preoccupied with Cat. All I can think is, ‘Oh hon. You don’t have a clue, do you?’ Vincent is determined to find the man who stole the shackle so he continues to follow the man’s trail.

Of course the man’s trail leads right to a bar where Cat is meeting the gang she is going to infiltrate. But I’ve jumped ahead of myself. Cat makes an entrance in all black, complete with black leather jacket and it’s spectacular. Heads turn and she makes contact with the gang but the leader pulls a gun out on her because she broke protocol. Cat doesn’t take kindly to that and turns the tables on him and the rest of the gang breaks up their confrontation. Patrick, the younger brother to the leader Pete takes a fancy to Cat and the feeling is mutual. Vincent comes along and a shocked Cat just lashes out and kisses Patrick. Tori comes in to witness the spectacle and is disheartened to see Cat when they were supposed to be tracking the burglar. That was the straw the broke the camel’s back because Tori is not seen for the rest of the episode.

Vincent heads back to JT’s place to try and figure out what happened. JT asks all the right questions but still comes up with the wrong answer. I get a flashback to the fugue theory and chuckle just a little. JT gives Vincent a pep talk and sends him on a mission to avenge him. But not before firing shots at Tori and her obvious motives in regards to what she wants her relationship with Vincent to be like not that Cat is seemingly out of the picture.

Vincent does manage to find the thief, who turns out to be Shorty from the gang Cat has infiltrated. He catches Shorty by surprise and presses him for answers. Shorty is reluctant but Vincent “beasts up” and manages to get some answers. Shorty goes for his gun and Vincent snaps his neck and finds the shackle.

Cat reports back to the FBI on what she knows about the gang. Gabe insists she get back up but they settle on a wire. Cat and heads back to rendezvous with the gang. Pete has discovered Shorty is dead. Now he is extremely suspicious of “Mara” especially since she is late and not wearing the right attire. They take her down to the waterfront. Pete accuses Cat of being a cop. He draws his gun on her again and tries to scan her for a wire. Cat defends herself in a cool little fight sequence and manages to pulls one of the lackeys into the water with her which short circuits the wire but not before she cleverly discloses her location to Gabe, Tess and agent Landon. They get her into the back of the van and scan her but the wire has been successfully short circuited and the plan is back in motion.

A worried Gabe rushes down the location and the Agent Landon wants to order the river dragged. Luckily for the tax payers, Gabe notices heel marks and decides to give Cat the benefit of the doubt and decides to see the sting play out uninterrupted. Agent Landon calls Gabe out on his feelings for Cat and he is so obvious that it is painful and I truly feel secondhand embarrassment for the man.

Back at the gang’s hideaway, Cat is in the bathroom steadying her nerves. Patrick comes to check on her. He zips her up and they share a moment. Their second kiss is uninterrupted because it’s time to roll out. They head to a Russian consulate disguised as waiters. Once safely inside, Pete doles out their assignments. Cat has to pickpocket a general. She does it effortlessly. On her rounds she spies Vincent. They have a conversation where they warn each other about getting in each other’s way. I like the fact that them being on different sides of the same case is a bit ridiculous. Glad to know that the writers are aware that we are aware of everything sometimes being a little too convenient aka an unnatural contrivance.

The heist is set in motion and Cat gets to work dismantling the team, one by one. Vincent has also set his seduction plan in motion is fast at work. As he nibbles on the general’s wife’s neck and unzips her dress, he hits her pressure points and knocks her out. Just as he heads to the safe, Patrick drops down from the vents. A surprised Vincent almost kills. Luckily, Cat was right behind him and pulls a gun on Vincent. She hesitates to shoot and Vincent speeds away with the gem.

Cat and Patrick manage to escape, somehow and end up back at the gang’s hideout. She convinces Patrick to leave and he gets away safely. When she reports back to agent Landon, Landon is suspicious of the whole story. She also drops her tragic backstory as well as revealing a little bit about the gem and it’s connection to her biological dad’s side of the family.

JT is analyzing and theorizing about the purpose of the gem. Vincent vows to find the people who were after the gem and the shackle to get some answers. I hope he succeeds because I too, want some damn answers about beasts.

Gabe and Tess have a little chat about Cat by the communal coffee pot. Just as they are finishing up, Cat shows up and thanks Gabe for trusting her and having her back. She rewards him with a peck and nearly throw my remote at my TV.

Grade: B-

Reason: As I said earlier, minus the Tori and the Gabe kissing, this episode felt more like classic Beauty and the Beast. We saw the return of Professor Forbes and he actually gave us a big whooping dose of mythology to go on. I’ve been craving that for quite some time. Also, if you take the time to notice, this episode goes out of its way to burst Tori’s bubble every chance it got.

I’m also fine with Cat kissing Patrick. It’s about time she got to kiss someone besides Vincent this season. Especially, since we’ve gotten flashbacks of Vincent kissing someone else, Vincent kissing Tori and now flirting with a diplomat’s wife something fierce.

I’m very disappointed that have indeed gone and made Cat and Gabe a thing it seems. Does anyone else find Gabe squicky and a bit of an opportunist? He’s spent this whole season buttering Cat up, meanwhile JT is the only one who remembers that we’re not supposed to like him.

What the hell have they done to my Vincent? They have murdered his character and at this point I don’t think he can be redeemed in my eyes. I don’t like this darker version of Vincent at all. I love what Jay Ryan brings to the revamped role but the writing not so much. There were a million other ways to go in regards to giving the show a soft reboot. But as soon as Tori is out of the picture I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more and more glimpses of old Vincent, so I’m on tenterhooks until that time arrives.

But all in all, this episode was a fun romped filled with amazing guest stars and a really awesome soundtrack. We’ve got a move on the mythology front, Tori has about two more episodes before she’s gone and we got so much JT and Vincent screen time so you can color me a somewhat happy camper, for now.


Character of the Night
I picked JT. The return of Professor Forbes was needed. He was dropping knowledge bombs and catch phrases all night long.

Best Character Interactions
Cat and Tess – My favorite gal pals are finally back on track. Though they didn’t have many scenes together, the ones they did were heartfelt and touching.

JT and Vincent – The epic bromance is once again front and center. I know we still have that whole JT needs to tell Vincent thing hanging over our heads but let me enjoy this before the big blow out.

Favorite Moments
1. Tori’s face when she thinks Vincent’s no comment in regards to having a girlfriend is a good thing.
2. Tori’s face when she learns what Vincent’s no comment in regards to having a girlfriend really means.
3. Tess’s worried expression when she thinks Cat’s undercover mission has been compromised.
4. Gabe calling Cat out on her decision and reasoning to go on an undercover mission.
5. JT calling out Tori to Vincent about her hopes of them being together.
6. Cat picking the general’s pocket.

Favorite Lines
1. JT: Avenge me!
2. Vincent: Beast up?
3. Agent Landon (to Gabe): How long have you been in love with her?
4. Cat (to Tess): Besides, Vincent wasn’t my best friend. You are.

Favorite Scenes
1. Vincent’s ‘The Talk’ interview
2. JT gives Vincent a pep talk
3. Cat warns Vincent not to get in the way of her case.
4. Vincent steals the gem.
5. Cat and Tess chat at the diner.

Burning Questions
1. Why is Tori so nonchalant about all things beast related?
2. When is JT going to tell Vincent that he’s responsible for becoming a beast?
3. Why was the skeleton just out in the open and not locked up in a safe?
4. Why doesn’t the Gentleman’s Club have any type of security whatsoever, especially after Beastly!Gabe tracked and almost attacked JT last season?
5. Is the show moving into a more fantasy oriented rather Sci-Fi direction with this gem and shackle being able to control beasts?
6. Do you still think Vincent is redeemable after so callously killing Shorty?

JT's guilt is at an all time high and the truth is set to come about in the next few episodes.

Repeated Elements
• Family matters
• Calling people out on their true motives

• Sometimes it is best to let something go before it drags you down.
• You can’t outrun your problems or your past.

Pretty Stuff - Yep, I’m a Feastie and here are of the some pieces that caught my eye.
• Cat’s red coat.
• Vincent’s black suit.
• Tess’s blazer.
• All the black leather jackets
*Also, we’ve seen that tie of Gabe’s before and very recently, in 2x07: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Grievances List
• What a waste of Ian Bohen, he should have gotten the part of Patrick so there could be a chance of him coming back.
• We were cheated out of Tori and Vincent discovering the skeleton as well as JT’s first assessment of the skeleton.
• This episode actually dragged a little for me and has quite a few less scenes than most episodes of Beauty and the Beast.
• They brought back Annoying!Tori again.
• It’s getting harder and harder for me to root for Vincent with every episode.
• I still find the prospect of Cat and Gabe squicky. He redeemed himself sure but if he hadn’t done all the stuff last season, he wouldn’t have needed to redeem himself in the first place, so this decision seems to have a bit of circular logic to it.

WTF Moments
• Cat kisses her Gabe, who is her boss, in broad daylight, in the middle of the precinct. NOPE!
• Cat let’s Patrick get away. I get it, she felt sorry for him but he’s still a criminal and that wasn’t her call to make.

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