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Save BATB - A Match Made in Heaven - A Trend Event

'A Match Made in Heaven'

Who: The gals of the DVMPE's Beauty and the Beast podcast

What: A Trend Event - A Match Made in Heaven

When: Saturday, February 15, 2014 (streaming should begin at 9:15 am EST)(live tweeting should begins at 3 pm EST)

Where: Twitter & Netflix

Why: To woo Netflix into either becoming a sponsor or to save the show if it gets cancelled

How: Devote this day to nothing but watching Beauty and the Beast on Netflix, turn it on and leave the room if you have to as well as participating

Key Phrase: a Match Made in Heaven (no hashtag)EX: Beauty and the Beast and Netflix is a Match Made in Heaven (type it exactly as it appears every time)

Hashtags: #SaveBATB #BATB

Tweets directed to: @netflix

Participants should: Make mock e-Valentine's Day cards stating why you love BATB and Netflix. Also if you can, tweet pics of you watching on Netflix as well.

(Photo Credit: @thekruekkomplex)

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