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Reign – 1.13 – The Consummation – Review: What a day for a white wedding.

‘What a day for a white wedding.’

‘It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.’
- Thomas Sowell

Allow me to offer my condolences to all you Mash shippers and congratulations to all you Frary shippers.

Well, history won out in the end this week on Reign with Mary wedding Francis after all. Also, Clarissa is still alive, Kenna knows Francis and Lola’s secret, Catherine has been pardoned and Bash is now presumably on the run.

Can I just say that I’m absolutely in love with the opening of this week’s episode? We opened this week’s episode with Catherine’s head on a literal chopping block but thank goodness it was only the dress rehearsal. Catherine definitely has plans to go out with a bang as well as to bankrupt France I suspect. Her requests certainly were extravagant. But Henry let’s her know that none of it makes a difference, that she is still going to die and implies that she is most definitely not going to heaven. But just as things were about to get dull and depressing there is trumpeting to announce the arrival of a royal visitor. That royal visitor is Mary’s mother, another Mary, Mary of Guise – Queen Regent of Scotland. And I’m just tickled pink that Mary of Guise wasted no time in letting everyone know how disappointed she was in them. What an entrance for a deliciously driven character that turned the French kingdom upside down and left before they even knew what hit them.

Let’s just jump right into this week’s jam packed episode of Reign...
Title: The Consummation | Writer: Laurie McCarthy | Director: Fred Gerber
Long Story Short

Mary's mother, Marie de Guise (Amy Brenneman), arrives and advises Mary against marrying Bash. Nostradamus tells Catherine that he stopped having visions of Francis' death after Clarissa died, and had a new vision of Mary and Francis' happy future together. When Francis returns to the castle, Catherine advises him to pursue Mary and promises never to harm her again. Francis and Bash fight over Mary, and Francis tells her of the change in Nostradamus' visions. News arrives that the Queen of England is dead, and Henry pressures Mary to choose one of his sons. Mary chooses Francis and they are wed; Henry pardons Catherine for the occasion. Nostradamus discovers that Clarissa is still alive. Mary is angered to learn that her mother faked the news from England to push her into making a choice, and orders her to leave. Nostradamus has a fuller vision of Mary and Francis' future: they will be happy but Francis will die a year into their marriage. Henry makes Bash watch Mary and Francis' consummation before he is escorted from the castle. Believing his guards were ordered to kill him, Bash kills them first and escapes.

Character Contemplations

Bash – First of all, I wonder how many episodes Bash’s exile will last. I give it one and a half episodes, if that. I don’t know how to feel about Bash. If Mary wasn’t a queen then I would be perfectly happy to let her ride off into the sunset with him. But Mary is a queen. Rulers don’t have the luxury of love sometimes, especially the female ones. Bash could never fathom the responsibility that Mary has carried on her shoulders since she was six days olds. Sure it’s nice to have someone who only cares about you and your welfare. But let’s get real; what does Bash even have in common with Mary? Besides carnal attractions and Bash’s willingness to do anything for Mary what is their union really standing on? He isn’t suited for diplomacy. Intrigue perhaps but definitely not the tediousness of ruling a nation, let alone three of them. On the pros side of the list Sebastian does understand the common folk and when push comes to shove does what needs to be done up to and including getting his hands dirty (quite literally). The best thing about Bash is that if Mary wasn’t a queen he would still want her. I don’t know if the same could be said for Francis.

Catherine – God, saved the queen, no wait, Mary of Guise single handedly did that in less than 3 days. I’m conflicted about what to do with Catherine. I love the character and she was a formidable foe and a character I just love to hate but the actress, Megan Follows is one that I live to see every week on my TV screen (or computer screen as it were). I have no clue where the writers will take this character now. I’d love to see her take on a mentor role with Mary and teach her if Mary allows it, she is after all in the market for a new mother figure and Catherine came out smelling like roses compared to Mary of Guise. I suppose I want to see her with her children as I just love the ‘mama bear’ approach and think that’s the most redeeming thing about the character. I loved the vulnerability that was on display in this week’s episode for the character but she never loses her fire and I love when her temper flares so naturally I got a kick out the scene between Catherine and Nostradamus. There was so much emotional range in that scene when they go from talking about Clarissa to the ‘botched’ prophecy, just ugh from all the perfection.

Francis – I can never get a full read on Francis. My opinions of him vary wildly from one week to the next. I understand his motivations but at the same time, I never fully trust him with Mary’s heart. I really liked what the interactions between he Lola provided last week but now I’m just counting the minutes until that goes all to the hell. I agree that he should have (in theory) sent Bash away but at the same time he told Mary that he would keep him safe (and made no indications that meant sending him away).

Greer – At least one of Mary’s ladies is dutiful. Was it just me or was Greer the only one heard at work, concerned and happy for Mary? I loved her playful ribbing of Mary about the veil and its function.

Henry – Kenna hit it right on the nose. For a king he certainly has been putting up with a lot of shenanigans from all the women in his life. If I were him, I still would have executed Catherine. It makes him look weak in my eyes. But so did the witch hunt to find something to pin on Catherine before it bore its scandalous fruits. I would love to see a more proactive Henry that was focused on being diplomatic and pragmatic in the future. I actually like his relationship with Diane and I kind of miss what she brings to the character. I hope they bring her back if only to make him more human and interesting and less flat and one dimensional. I do think it was cruel to force Sebastian to watch the consummation but definitely nowhere near out of character.

Keena – Where did that back bone and cunning come from all of the sudden? No matter, I like this turn of events. I never expected it to be Kenna who would so quickly catch on to Francis and Lola’s secret. I guess the writers finally realized that whiny!Kenna was very unlikable and not very helpful to the overall plot. If I was Mary, I would watch my back, it seems as though Kenna is on the way to becoming a scheming social ladder climbing backstabber willing to whatever it takes to get whatever she wants.

Lola – I swear if they push Bash and Lola together to cover for a baby, I will lose it. Although I will admit if gets Bash back in the castle, I will probably sweep it under the rug, to be honest. Lola is my favorite lady-in-waiting and I’d always had high hopes for this character. She is the smart one. She is also the strong one. Did I mention she is pretty much the glue that holds the circle of friends together? Was that a pang of jealousy I saw on Lola’s face during the consummation or was it guilt, I’m not quite sure just yet but it better be guilt. It will be interesting to see how her relationship with Francis and Mary fares after the secret is laid bare.

Mary – Poor Mary stuck between a rock and a hard place. I prefer her demeanor when she is with Bash. She is more free and wild and willing to make the hard choices when they are together. But the heart wants what the heart wants and her being with Francis is seemingly good for her and her nation as well at the moment. I’m glad Mary got a little bit of happiness because I smell a whole lot of drama right around the corner. I wonder if she will pine for Bash. I doubt it since she didn’t really do much of it for Francis but it would be interesting if she did and how that comes between her Francis. Adelaide Kane brought her A game this week and all her interactions with the other actors were top notch. She made me feel Mary’s struggle of the heart, mind and welfare of her nation as well as the vulnerability of such a position and disappointment in her mother. There was such light in the end scenes before Mary of Guise let’s Mary in on the secret in her eyes that expressed the happiness that she thought she could have everything she ever wanted. Of course, she was a breathtakingly beautiful bride as well.

Mary of Guise – I feel like they took the best note that history has assessed of this woman: ‘Mary was never merely a pawn of the French king’ and ran with it. Everything from her entrance, to her interactions with Mary and Catherine, to her only piece wedding day advice (produce and heir and fast) was perfect. I’m a bit disappointed that the relationship between her and her daughter is now so soured because I sure would love to the character (and the actress back).

Nostradamus – I’ve been waiting for this character to get fleshed out and it appears it is finally happening. Nostradamus is interesting historical figure and it was one of the things that drew to me to Reign. They made him seem mystical and intriguing but so far he’s far more brooding medicine man than poetic prophet. I love his relationship with Clarissa and the meager clues to his humble beginnings that we’ve gotten in super small doses. I also love that in this episode they finally played up the fact that actor that plays him is giant of a man (I don’t know how I haven’t noticed it before because the man is 6’5’’).


Character of the Night – Mary of Guise

Best Character Interactions – Mary and Catherine

Line of the Night – Mary of Guise: Your magic has changed, how silly and marvelous. (To Francis) You don’t believe in prophecies do you?

Scene of the Night – The wedding reception

Favorite lady-in-waiting – Kenna

Crazy Like a Fox – The character of Mary of Guise was wildly fun, over the top, commanding and conniving. I love how Amy Brenneman played her. It was so nice having Ms. Brenneman back on my screen (yes, I am a diehard Judging Amy fan).


Memorable Moments
1. Mary looks at her mother before signing the marriage contract.
2. Kenna calls Lola out on her BS story.
3. Catherine cuts her wrist.

Laudable Lines
1. Nostradamus: I’m going to tell you something, something that might enrage you.

2. Lola: I hope I never see you again. Because you’re safe, settled, married with children of your own.

3. Bash: Say that you love me. Say it to me once, because I know that you do.
Mary: I love you, I do.
Bash: Say it. Say the rest, I need to hear it.
Mary: I love Francis more.

4. Mary: I will take my life in my own hands and I will not be bullied by you.

Superb Scenes
1. Mary tells Sebastian of her decision to marry Francis.
2. Francis tells Sebastian to run far away and never return.
3. Catherine urges Francis to fight for Mary, his throne, his brothers and her safety

Biggest Surprise of the Episode
• Kenna has finally figured out how to make the most out of being at court and I’m kind of proud of her.

Style Spotlight: The wedding dress, obviously. It was gorgeous, elegant yet understated. The jewelry was a nice touch and great compliment to the overall look.

Tasty Tidbit: Was it just me, or did anyone else see this as a possible start to a more interesting Nostradamus? Turns out he’s not a sexless eunuch of lackey after all. Also, it was great to know how he got his visions (a near death experience) as well as that he welcomes them and will go to great lengths to jump start them. I hope this episode is turning point for the character and he begins to play the game and manipulate the French court into his liking.

Fun Fact: Kate Walsh (a co-star of Amy Brenneman on Private Practice) was initially cast as Mary of Guise but couldn’t due to scheduling conflicts.

• The consummation scene where Sebastian is trotted in and made to watch.

Burning Question: Who put the hit out on Sebastian?
A. The King
B. Catherine
C. Mary of Guise
D. Francis

Grade: A

Side Notes:
1) Sorry for the cheesy title reference, I couldn’t help myself.
2) Did anyone really think she was actually going to marry Bash? If so, please tell me why in the comments. I’m very curious to hear your thought process.

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