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Beauty and the Beast - 2.09 - Don't Die on Me - Review: Everything Has Changed

‘Everything Has Changed’

We did it Beasties! We voted long and hard and won both categories the show was nominated for during the People’s Choice Awards. I couldn’t be prouder or happier. I’m also very proud of how most Beasties handled the haters with grace and class on social media. Stay classy!

It’s great to have the show back in full swing and we’re steadily getting new spoilers in the forms of pictures, synopses and/or tweets that are shaping up to deliver a much happier picture a little further down the road. All we have to do is hang in there and we will be rewarded.

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Now on to your regularly scheduled recap and review…


Title: Don’t Die on Me | Writer: Eric Tuchman | Director: Mairzee Almas

Synopsis: CAT AND VINCENT’S RELATIONSHIP IS IN DIRE CONDITION — In order to prevent Vincent (Jay Ryan) from further injuries, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) helps protect Tori (guest star Amber Skye Noyes) when her life is threatened, revealing a new, unexpected mystery. Meanwhile, Vincent's stubborn attempt to intervene leads to life-changing consequences, which causes Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Cat to grow closer.

This week’s episode saw a new season two writer returning, the writer being Eric Tuchman. The last episode he wrote was 2x05: Reunion. While I like reunion more, I think it was a good idea to tap him for the episode that lays the ground work for mythology origins. In the director’s chair we had Mairzee Almas making a triumphant return. I very often used director from season one, it was nice to have Mairzee back. This episode was beautifully shot and the lighting was excellent. Every set was bathed in sunlight which was a wonderful juxtaposition in contrast to the dire situation that was unfolding.

The episode picks up pretty much where we left off during the mid-season finale. It's the morning after Cat and Gabe have hauled Agent Reynolds in and the first lovely face we see is Cat’s. She being filmed for an interviewed conducted by the FBI. As she recalls the details in her mind while spewing fallacies from her mouth we the viewers are treated to the writer’s instance of pouring salt in the open wound by being force to relive ‘foul deed’.

The interview goes off without a hitch and Cat is free to go (for now). Gabe catches up with Cat just as she is exiting the interview room and she not only debriefs him but also confides that it feels as though she is having a nervous breakdown. Gabe reassures her everything will be fine. Cat has this nagging need to make sure that Vincent is OK, so she bounds off to go check on him.

Meanwhile, back Vincent’s houseboat, Tori is trying to help Vincent patch him up. Things look bleak from her perspective and she insists on calling an ambulance. Vincent doesn’t want to hear any of that and makes very weak excuses about why it’s not a good idea. Their spat is interrupted by Cat. She sees all of the bloody gauzes and gets a bit apprehensive.

Tori becomes defensive and protective and challenges Cat about her presence. Vincent puts on a good show and tries to make it seem like he isn’t in as bad of shape as he really is in. Cat doesn’t completely buy into it but at the same time Vincent puts up a wall and picks a fight. Cat reminds him of why she did what she did. VinCat has come to an impasse and it appears they are finally broken up, perhaps for good (but in reality only for the next 2-3 episodes at MOST).

A hurt and confused but somehow relieved Cat returns back to the 125th precinct to her partner and best friend Tess. She expounds on how great it feels to be getting back to normal and work on normal cases and not be so focused on beasts. Tess has heard this before and understands the pull Vincent has on Cat so naturally she is skeptical but supportive. In an oddly refreshing call back to the beginning of season 2, Gabe once again interrupts my Cat and Tess time but in all fairness it is at the behest of agent Hendricks.

While all of that is going on, Tori has dragged a bloody across town back to the Gentleman’s Club in hopes that JT can help Vincent. She also gets in a jab about Cat being the one that shot him. Let me point out that Vincent sort of defends her and states that Cat had her reasons. Vincent convinces JT to go to his place of employment to liberate (well, OK, fine, STEAL) some medicine and blood. JT gets a little indignant and worries about his tenure as a professor but ultimately goes along with it and hurries along after Tori has a mini beast out directed at him.

Tori takes a mysterious yet innocuous phone call from a woman claiming to be an attorney representing her father’s estate and needing to close a particular deal before it goes into default. An anxious and preoccupied Tori tries to reschedule but the angry lady on the other end threatens to expose Tori’s father if she doesn’t cooperate. Tori goes off half- cocked to try and resolve the issue on her own as well as hide her agenda from Vincent.

Getting back to the events at the 125th precinct, Agent Hendricks has Cat in an interrogation room. It has come to light that the investigation wasn’t as open and shut as it initially appeared to be. There was a bullet that came from a standard issue NYPD 9 mm gun. The bullet also has someone’s blood on it. The agent treats Cat like a hostile witness and that ruffles Gabe’s feathers. Agent Hendricks suspends Cat and takes her badge and gun. Cat and Gabe try to stop reeling from the recent information bombshell. Gabe tells Cat that he will save her and he doesn’t need her permission to do so. Tess, for once, cuts Gabe off with news of JT’s arrest. Cat sends Tess to pick JT up and rushes off to see just how bad off Vincent is, leaving Gabe to his own mischievous devices.

Tori arrives to the meeting. She is getting rushed into signing some papers. She begins to ask questions and the people involved do not like that. Something doesn’t feel right about this to me and it doesn’t feel right to Tori either. In an effort to persuade her to sign, the blond henchman pulls out a gun to threaten Tori; in turn she beasts out and manage to get away, much to the shock of the people in attendance of the meeting.

Tess arrives just in the nick of time to save JT. Tess scolds JT about the lengths he’s willing to go for Vincent and proposes that it is something much more than just loyalty. But not before JT reminds Tess that she too is ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ as a fellow body snatcher in Reynolds sting operation. Was it just me or did JT like Tess using those handcuffs on him, a little too much? Don’t think I didn’t notice that little glimmer of enjoyment in Tess’s eyes as she slammed JT onto the Nurse’s station countertop.

Cat arrives to lair and nobody is there but Vincent. Vincent, once again becomes cold, distant, aloof and almost quite glib in Cat’s presence. Cat scolds him about how he needs to take responsibility for himself and stop dragging everyone down with him. Tori returns and announces that some more people know about beasts (oh, joy). Tori goes on to explain that she thought she could handle it herself and didn’t want to worry a wounded Vincent. This gets Vincent fired up and ready to go. Both Cat and Tori object but the only thing that can stop him is a tranquillizer dart to thigh. Once Vincent is passed out she offers Tori her help and left with no other options Tori accepts it.

After that we see Gabe going to visit Agent Reynolds. Gabe needs information on the FBI agent who is running the investigation. Agent Reynolds is unrepentant about the choices he made that have alienated him from his daughter. Gabe understands which why he probably but in a good word for him with Cat at the end of this episode.

A panicked JT rushes home to save Vincent. The tranquillizer dart may have complicated things. He is on the verge of a break down. Thank goodness Tess is there to talk him down and talk some sense into him. All the stress of the situation leads JT to reveal to Tess that he was the one that gave Muirfield Vincent’s name for the trial, thus answering a burning question that I’ve had since the pilot. Nina really shined with this scene and I’m glad the writer elected to make Tess a reliable and non-judgmental confidante with kind and wise words. Whatever JT was doing revives Vincent. Vincent hits the ground running demanding to know where CAT (yes she was first out of mouth) and Tori were.

We catch a glimpse of the mischievous Gabe reveling in the high of a heist to retrieve and replace the bullet that is locked up in the evidence room. He’s quite the smooth operator. May Gabe always choose to use his powers for good from here on out.

Over at Chelsea Curios Cat and Tori are exploring the old dusty building. They have a conversation about why Cat is helping Tori and her issues with the word beast. Cat can only say that she thinks helping Vincent and by extension Tori that it might help her move on. Their search is interrupted by the bad guys and they have guns and they didn’t buy Cat’s ‘I’m a detective’ line (WELP). A retinal eye scanner is discovered and Tori is forced to open it and a henchman leads Cat into a dark and creep hallway that leads to a dark, creepy and dusty section. Thinking fast Tori locks Cat in by racing to the retinal scanner. Cat goes in a little further and discovers an odd skeleton.

The bad guys don’t like that but she beasts out for a short burst and almost gets the upper hand but then her beast powers fail her. Luckily, Vincent was there to save the day and makes quick work of all of the bad guys. Unfortunately, Vincent has hurt himself beyond repair it seems. Vincent agrees to go to the hospital. Cat calls the ambulance and gives Tori a cover story. She leaves and the look on her face suggests she has finally laid down her burdens.

All the other little side plots get put to bed and Gabe swings by Cat’s place to give her back her badge. Well, that and to lure into a coffee date with him as well as planting the seed that Agent Reynolds still cares about her.

But wait there’s more… I absolutely love the last scene with Vincent holding a press conference. Hearing the words, ‘I am Vincent Keller’ gave me chills. This opens a lot options and I’m super excited to see where it leads. Vincent needed to stop running and go on the offensive, I might not like the person that was the one that finally got through to him but it is done now. I have personally always wanted Vincent to come out of the shadows and go public.

It’s for selfish reasons, I want VinCat to have a happy ending. A happy ending doesn’t involve them looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives at least not in my mind. I thought it was something that would happen near the end of the series run (it looks like I was probably right, to be honest). This episode is a game changer and the possibilities are endless.

I’m super pumped to unravel the mystery of the beastly skeletal remains that were in Chelsea Curios. I happen to like mysteries and I’ve been craving a heavier dose of mythology, especially in regards to beasts. I need a break from the relationship drama so I find it to be refreshing change of pace. I wish the season would have started out with a mystery to unravel but we’ve got we’ve got and I’m in it for the long haul.

Grade: B
Reason: The grade definitely came up a bit from the one I gave it for the advance preview and teasers article. I got to thinking about all the endless possibilities that this story can now take us. There has also been an onslaught of positive news in regards to upcoming episodes that have brightened my outlook.

But hey, we have Cat being able to once again be a good a cop and thus the never ending subplot of Cat always covering for Vincent and compromising her integrity is over so there’s that. She can now hopefully, take a breath and put her life back together.

I don’t think that Cat is really feeling what she is feeling. I don’t think a person can shrug all the things that have happened to her off so easily. You also just can’t stop loving a person in the blink of an eye. Bonus? Now that Cat and Vincent are apart we can get back into Cat’s head space, which should mean some meaty emotional scenes for Kristin as well as some bro time for JT and Vincent as JT tends to be the sounding board for Vincent.

I think that this time will help Vincent and Cat realize what they mean to each other. We need some self-reflection from both of them; which may lead to them recovering the best aspects of themselves from season 1. For Cat that would be a return to her being a kick butt, take charge, passionate woman with a big heart, good instincts and integrity. In Vincent’s case that would mean he gets to be the reluctant hero and with any luck that will quell his beastly side and bring it back under his control as well as spark whatever humanity he has left in himself which in turn will hopefully make him want to be a better man, the kind of man that Cat deserves.


Character of the Night

My heart said to go with JT and my logical side said to go with Tori, so it’s a tie.

JT’s bombshell has garnered a lot of goodwill in terms of viewer relations with the writers’ room in my personal opinion. It answered a question a lot of Beasties have been wondering about for the previous 30 episodes. For them to bring this up now makes me wonder just when Vincent will find out and how he will react which should lead to some pretty interesting character developments for both Vincent and JT.

The writing of Tori was very much improved in this episode. I could totally relate to her and see her side of coin in this episode. She made sense and was ultimately the one to finally convince Vincent to go to the hospital and more importantly to stop running. She even tried to handle the new beast faction on her own which shows independence. She didn’t come across as bratty at all to me. I also really enjoy Tori’s beast special effects, very subtle and understated. I guess I can like Tori because I don’t see any romantic chemistry between Tori and Vincent. All I see is genuine concern and a scared young woman who has no family and no idea how to harness her beast powers clinging to whatever she can. Please keep the bratty Tori out of my sight from here on out.

Best Character Interactions

The award for best character interactions also happens to be a tie as well. Let’s talk about JT and Tess first. I really love that JT told Tess his secret. There is nothing more intimate short of having hot steamy sex on the floor of the lair than sharing a deep dark secret. It also implies explicit trust. That’s a good solid foundation for any relationship, be it romantic or platonic. Either way, I’m going to need to see more JTnT on my screen stat.

Now, some of you might disagree and that’s fine. But I think the Tori and Vincent relationship has potential to be very endearing, informative and enlightening. Jay and Amber also have a nice on screen chemistry, in a little sister/big brother way. I chalk the kiss up to pheromones and beastly instincts. That’s out of the way and it’s very clear that Vincent does not see Tori in that light. But they do share a common bond, as a said earlier; they are pack mates, kindred spirits. After being a lone beast for so long, it must be nice to have someone who can truly understand you. It’s human to want to be needed and Tori needs Vincent, to keep her safe and to teach her how to harness her powers. Vincent killed her father so I think he feels a kind of responsibility for her, not unlike the Will Graham and Abigail Hobbs situation over on Hannibal.

Favorite Moments

1. Tori beasts out
2. Tori giving Cat the stink eye
3. Cat face when she’s sees the bloody bandages
4. Vincent putting on a brave front

Favorite Lines

1. Vincent: Don’t worry; I use to be a doctor, remember?
Tori: Don’t doctors make the worse patients?

2. Tori (to Cat): You’ve got a lot of nerve coming here.

3. Cat: If you don’t mind let’s not use the b-word anymore. I want to move on.
Tess: Right?

4. JT: Maybe you should go to the hospital.

5. Vincent: You shot me... again!

Favorite Scenes

1. Vincent coming out to the news reporters
2. Vincent dispatching the bad guys after Tori
3. Tess saves JT from being arrested
4. JT tells Tess his “dirty” little secret
5. Tess being a good friend to Cat
6. Cat goes to check on Vincent at his houseboat .

Burning Questions

1. When is Vincent going to find out about JT’s secret?
2. How is the character of Tori going to be dispatched?
3. What exactly is Vincent’s cover story?

This is rock bottom for VinCat we now have nowhere to go but up.

Repeated Elements
•Secrets being revealed.
•The phrase ‘Everything has changed’ was repeated about four times during this episode.

The Theme
•Don’t ever give up on yourself or what you believe in.
•You have to be willing to help yourself and feel worthy of the help that is being offered for a successful outcome.

Favorite Clothing Items - I’m a Feastie and there were some pieces that caught my eye.

•Tess’s denim dip-dyed and bleached jacket.
•JT’s leather jacket.
•Cat’s black and tan mini trench coat.

Grievances List
•How many times can the word beast be said in one episode?
•I’m pretty sure that’s not the way a retinal scanner works.
•Too many flashbacks, we know what happened and on top of that some brought it up every three minutes during the first half of the episode. Why must pour salt in my open wounds, writers?
•There they go with that inflammatory word ‘Bitch’ again.
•Why did the female antagonist have to die in the most gruesome way possible?
•Cat is still a cop. The actual cop element of the show just isn’t doing it for me anymore. This would have been the perfect opportunity to get rid of it once and for all. All I have to say is 6 words: The Chandler and Vargas Detective Agency.
•Really, Cat just left Chelsea Curios and didn’t say, ‘Hey, you’ve got some creepy skeleton in that dungeon be sure to close it before the cops show up to save you’?

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