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Save BATB - Phase 1 - Netflix Letter Writing Campaign

Netflix Letter Writing Campaign

Well, things aren't looking good for our show but that's OK, we have options and voices to Roar loudly with. There is hope and I have a plan. But I am going to need quite LITERALLY every Beastie and every single form of social media to make this happen.

My greatest fear has come true and it doesn't look like The CW wants to give Beauty and the Beast a third season.

Well, there is one place that Beauty and the Beast could thrive as well as be fair to the international Beasties who love and support this show despite their voices not mattering because they don't live in the US, Netflix.

This plan of mine to Save BATB, has 6 phases. Phase 1? A letter writing campaign, that will be addressed directly to Cindy Holland, the Vice President of Original Programming at Netflix.

If you have wonderful penmanship feel free to hand write you letter. If you do not have wonderful handwriting then please feel free to type your letter up.

Below you will find a template of a business letter that I think will come across as the most professional while also capturing our passionate spirit and selling points.

Address the letter to:

Cindy Holland
c/o Netflix, Inc.
100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA 95032

***Be sure to put something that will identify it as a part of this campaign (#BATB, The CW's Beauty and the Beast, #BATBSeason3 or #SaveBATB)on the outside of the envelope.***
Dear Cindy Holland:

My name is ___. I am __ years old. I currently reside in ____. I am a loyal and devoted fan of the TV show, Beauty and the Beast, which airs on The CW Network in the United States and Showcase in Canada. Recent events have led the fans of the show to believe that it will be cancelled once its episodes are burned off in the summer of 2014. Naturally, the fans don’t want that to happen.

The reason why I am contacting you is I hope to spark your company’s interest in saving the show and giving it at least another season, whether it be a shortened 13 episode run or a full 22 episodes. Beauty and the Beast is a show that is very conducive to “binge” watching. It is a high social media performer. It has a very culturally diverse and rich fan base from all around the world. It is one of the most streamed shows on The CW official website, Hulu and I believe on Netflix as well. It has a healthy international fan base that doesn’t get counted in its ratings which is a shame. The show could benefit from a network that could provide a worldwide release of the episodes at once or closer together than most syndication and import deals that mainstream studios strike.

The Beasties, as the fans of this show are known as, are fiercely loyal, dedicated, and supportive, especially, fiscally. They are known for impressive early DVD pre-order sales and giving out iTunes season passes for the show as holiday and birthday presents to their friends and family. We are ready, willing and able to do anything it takes to save our show. There are efforts going on right now to get an official sponsor for the show. Beasties are also willing to fundraise if necessary.

Beasties know no bounds when it comes to people who are kind to their show. If the show was saved by Netflix I am positive there would be a considerable uptick in not only new accounts but upgraded packages as well. Beasties are also very good at promoting and trending on all of the various social media websites. What could be better than perpetual free advertising?

In the coming days you should expect a lot of letters that look like this. This is only the beginning of the Beasties courting process. Hopefully by the end of our campaign we will have convinced you and your company that this could be a mutually beneficial endeavor as well as lucrative opportunity for your company.

In closing, I would like to encourage you to seriously entertain this thought as well as keep an eye on all of your social media to see just how serious this fandom is about saving its show and how that can become a profitable venture for Netflix.

Your Name Typed
Your signature in blue or black ink here.

Remember to spread the word EVERYWHERE!
We'll need every single Beastie both American and International to pull this off.

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