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Save BATB – Supercharging Your Twitter Presence – Trending

How to Trend on Twitter

Don't Shoot the Messenger (A Foreword)

Either this movement is about saving our show or it's not. We have way too many people trying to throw Trend Events, not only on the same days but just in general.

This might sound strange but all these trend events are actually hurting and hindering our social media presence on Twitter by diluting our tweets in Twitter's trending topic algorithm thus preventing us from doing what actually set out to do.

The enthusiasm is great but channel it towards something that will actually help, like letter writing and email campaigns.
Some Tips & Tricks

Create a "unique" hashtag

Define the hashtag over on hashtag.org

Schedule a Trending Event and Tweet Chat Event at least one week in advance. Don't forget to make a flier.

Promote the Trend Event and Tweet Chat as much as you can for the 6 days leading up to it.

Reach out to prominent members of your community with the most followers to help spread the word.

The next thing I'm about to suggest might sound crazy but trust me, it will work if EVERYONE does it: Stay radio silent about any and all BATB related hashtags for a full 24 hours the day before your event. I’m serious. If you absolutely have to talk about the show DO NOT use a hashtag.

Another thing I would suggest is to stop trying to trend during peak hours. AKA 6 PM – 11 PM. There is just too much competition to make a dent.

Tweet to important people involved with the show letting them know that you are doing a trend event and what the hashtag is. Ask them to either retweet you and/or join on the fun.

People we should tweet to:

CW Network - @CW_network
CW BATB - @cwbatb
Kristin Kruek - @MsKristinKreuk
Jay Ryan - @JayRyan
Nina Lisandrello - @NinaLisandrello
Austin Basis - @AustinBasis
Sherri Cooper - @SherriCooper22
Jenny Levin - @JenniferLevin22
The BATB Writers - @BatBWriters
CBS - @CBSTVStudios

Use the trend established hashtag and the official hashtag for every single tweet.

Our OFFICIAL hashtag is #BATB. Every MAJOR source (Trendrr, Nielsen’s, etc.)that monitors and matters in terms of social media clout still considers #BATB(#BatB and #batb are also fine) to be our official hashtag so treat it as such. Stop making BATB related hashtags all willy nilly, it is NOT helping.

Source 1
Source 2
Source 3 - The writers have stated NUMEROUS times what our OFFICIAL hashtag is. If anywhere there we to be an announcement about such a major shift it would have been there. Guess what? No such announcement.
Source 4 - Our official hashtag ist still plastered all over the official Facebook page and no announcement was made there either.
Source 5 - Look in the damn corner of your TV screen when the show is airing live.

STOP using #BeautyandtheBeast, that information is false. I know The CW’s social media page uses it but are you really going to trust The CW to properly market our show? It’s the main reason why our show hasn’t reached its potential. You should never switch horses in midstream unless it is dead.

I know Austin Basis aka King Beastie suggested we also use that hashtag but again, it was not an OFFICIAL confirmation that is our new hashtag.

I also know you guys feel like this might help better market the show on Twitter and other Social Media sites by reaching new people but I'm not positive that approach will work/is working.

It might also annoy fans of the either the original show or fans of the Disney movie that we have taken over the hashtag and hurt more than help.

We want to come across as a kind, loving, warm, passionate and considerate fandom. You get more flies with honey than vinegar. Don’t be THAT fandom.

Now if there is an actual official article or press release I missed, please send it to me and I will retract this statement. Until then, I stand by this assessment and encourage you to do the same.

Even More Tips & Tricks

The best times to successfully trend are between the hours of 6 am-9 am EST on Weekdays.

The best weekday to successfully trend is Wednesday. The best time to start the trend is 4 pm and to end is 6 pm EST.

The best days overall to successfully trend are Saturday and Sunday. The best time to start a trend on those days are between 2 pm-4 pm EST.

Trend Events and Tweet Chats should last no longer than 90 minutes, 2 hour tops and that's pushing it.

You should retweet only the best tweets, ones that make good points and highlight the fandom and/or show in the most positive light.

Favorite your personal favorite tweets.

Set a goal for generating between 350-475 original tweets.

Set a goal for retweeting around 150-300 tweets.

If you get put in Twitter jail break out your second account (or create one) and get back to work.

Don't forget to search the hashtag on Twitter and Google 6 days leading up to (after it has been defined on hashtag.org and a flier has been created for the event), during and 7 days afterwards.

Use Twitter's search bar to search the hashtag for new Beasties. Be sure to retweet and favorite Beasties you don't follow to show a bigger sphere of influence.

If you are going to be busy or away during that time be sure to schedule your tweets by using this tool or even Hoot Suite. Also, either in the hours following or the next day, search the hashtag on Twitter and retweet and favorite things as well as from your own timeline.

That's it for now. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, feedback and/or have a Fan Campaign you would like promoted on my blog email me.


I will be writing about how to create an engaging Tweet Chat event shortly and it will posted on Monday morning around 9am so be sure to check it out.

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