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Teen Wolf – 3.24 – The Divine Move – Review: Dude, it’s, Beacon Hills.

‘Dude, it’s, Beacon Hills.’

‘Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy.’
- Norman Schwarzkopf

Hey packmates! Did you survive the last Moonday for the next three months? I did; but just barely.

Well, season 3B of Teen Wolf has come to a close. I don’t know about you but I’m still filled with pain, strife, chaos and especially confusion. I have to hand to Jeff, I definitely did lose my mind over the course of the season and parts of it still haven’t returned, I must confess. It’s been a long, strange, hard and emotional trip and I don’t think I will ever be over the death of Allison Argent or the fact that Kate Argent is back from the dead.

So, I guess I’ll just jump right into the recap and review…
Title: The Divine Move |Writer: Jeff Davis |Director: Russell Mulcahy
Synopsis: With the Nogitsune in control of the Oni, Scott and Derek call upon their friends and allies to make a final stand.
The Gist

Allison Argent Memorial
• Chris keeps it together because it’s what he does.
• Isaac breaks down in front of Chris and Chris is there to catch him, hug him and comfort him.
• Scott breaks down after the battle has been won but so much has been lost and Melissa is there to comfort him.
• Allison figured it out and her father and Isaac made sure her sacrifice did not go to waste. They defeat the Oni with her remaining arrowheads.
• I guess we couldn’t fit Lydia’s reaction in this episode for some reason…

It’s Harry Potter all over again
Another person dies in their loved one’s arms and I’m just can’t believe Jeff pulled a JK Rowling and killed one twin and let the other live. Who gave Jeff Davis the right? It certainly wasn’t me. I was never a fan of the twins but I certainly didn’t want them to exit Beacon Hills like this. I do find it a little cheap that did they recycled that particular plot point. Can Allison have nothing unique and special to herself for Pete’s sake?

New Pack Member?
I think we might not have one (Kira) but two new pack members, the second being, Malia of course. There has to be a purpose to Malia besides the Peter man pain/betrayal sub plot. Please let her be a piece of the puzzle that allows Talia Hale to be resurrected. I love Shelley Hennig and I think she deserves more than to be one third of a love triangle (again).

Surprise, bitch! I bet you thought you saw the last of me.
OK. Some people are happy Kate Argent is back. I’m not one of them. It almost feels like they are trying too hard to fill Crystal Reeds spot on so many fronts and bringing Kate back is the one that smacks me the hardest. Oh, now Chris only has Gerrad as his last family member, let’s bring back Kate. Why did they have to make her a creature to boot? It’s the thing I’m least excited about for next season. Hopefully they kill her once and for all in season 4.

Side Note: Is Peter even a werewolf? I mean the only person he bit/scratched that turned into an actual werewolf was Scott.


Character of the Night
For me, it was a tie between Chris Argent & Scott.

Best Character Interactions
Chris Argent and Scott
Melissa and Douche!Dad

Most Memorable Moment
• Derek wakes up from a dream within in dream to realize he’s been shot and falls to his knees just to see Kate Argent transform when the smoke clears.

Line of the Night
• Danny: Dude, it’s, Beacon Hills.

Scene of the Night
• The nogitsune and his oni wage war on the hospital and the sheriff’s office.

That Awkward Moment Award
• That awkward moment when Teen Wolf feels like Harry Potter in the form of killing one twin and leaving the other alive.
• That awkward moment when Teen Wolf feels like Supernatural by creating a classic, shocking and unforgettable scene and incorporating the song ‘Bad Moon Rising’.

The What a Relief Award
•There was a rumor that Gerrad would be making a stop in Beacon Hills for the finale, I’m glad he didn’t.


Memorable Moments
1. The Chris and Isaac hug.
2. Scott bites the nogitsune.
3. Lydia clings to Stiles for dear life for about 80% of the episode.
4. When Stiles tries to stab himself with the sword and realizes it’s a trick.

Notable & Quotable
•Scott: How are you doing this?
Chris: It’s what we do.

•Stiles: What is it?
Kira’s Mom: Tea.
Stiles: Like what magi tea?
Kira’s Mom: No, chamomile. Drink it.

•Stiles: OK, so is anyone feeling divinely inspired?

•Derek: You don’t fight for a leader. You fight for a leader’s cause.

•Nogitsune: Hi, there. Could you page Melissa McCall for me?

Squee Worthy Scenes
1. Scott breaks down and Melissa comforts him.
2. Chris Argent kills the remaining Oni with the arrowheads Allison made.
3. Sheriff Stilinski tells Deputy Parrish to hold on just a little longer.
4. Derek explains Scott’s motivations to the twins.
5. Chris coaches Scott on what to say to the police.


• Very little time for the grieving of Allison.
• Kate Argent is back.
• They are trying to make Douche!Dad more sympathetic. But why, sometimes a show just need a character that the audience can just bash guilt free. But I guess we do have our Umbridge in the form of Gerrad, so fine, Scott can have two parents who are decent and flawed human beings.


• Regression to the mean.

Grievance List
• We didn’t find out what Stiles first name is.
• We didn’t find out what Papa Stilinski’s first name was.
• I thought we were supposed to have Gerrad at the end of the season (not that I’m complaining).
• Really, silver is what destroyed the Oni? OK, whatever.
• At times this episode felt a little anti-climactic.
• Only Scott is shown literally breaking down over Allison’s death.

Burning Questions
1. What exactly is Kate? Why exactly isn’t she a regular werewolf? Is this another kanima situation?
2. Shouldn’t Kira’s mom be deteriorating or something?
3. What happened to Meredith? Head canon: Coach adopted her.
4. What exactly is Peter up to on the Malia front?
5. What are they going to do with the character of Chris Argent next season?

Wait, what?
1. Danny knows about werewolves!
2. Malia seems awfully well adjusted.
3. Kira is trying to get up in Scott’s grill (and well, probably pretty much everything else, awful quickly).

FYI: In case you missed it, Teen Wolf will be returning in a few short but painful months on June 23, 2014 for its 4th season. Mark your calendars and find something else to pass the time.

Fun Fact: Season 4 is supposed to focus a lot more on Lydia and her growing banshee powers.

Tasty Tidbit: Braeden is coming for season 4, so look forward to another BAMF chick kicking some major butt!
Grade: B-
Plugs & Shameless Self-Promotion
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