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Challenge Accepted - April - The A to Z Blogger Challenge

The A to Z Blogger Challenge

Beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, April 01, 2014, this blog will be participating in the A-Z blogger challenge. Since this is a blog that is all about reviewing awesome TV shows both past and present and I have a flair for alliteration, my theme for the challenge will be: Favorites, Finales and Firsts.

My favorite episodes will all come from some of my favorite shows that I am currently still watching are still currently on air. The finale episodes that I will write about will come from some of favorite shows from the past and are all currently not on air any longer. The episodes that fall under the ‘firsts’ category are reviews of a show’s pilot episode and they run the gambit from me loving it and the show is still airing to I hated every second of the episode and I'm glad they are no longer airing the show.

So be sure to check out my blog every Monday-Saturday during the month of April to read about some worthwhile TV shows both past and present.

My first post will be Arrow 1x23: Sacrifice. It falls into the category of 'favorites'. A powerful episode and arguably one of the best season finales of the 2012-2013 TV season.

ps: Every Sunday will be dedicated to posting about all the other shows I’ve shirked to do the challenge in one big (but shortened format) mega post.

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