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Save BATB - Phase 2 - Beastie Love Overload

Beastie Love Overload

Send polite messages of inquiry about Netflix and their thoughts about acquiring Beauty and the Beast should The CW choose not give it a third season on all of it's Social Media accounts.

Sample: If The CW doesn't give Beauty and the Beast a third season I hope Netflix would consider saving it. I love Netflix and this would make me a loyal customer for life without a doubt.

Their official blog - for the US & Canada (other countries are in the drop down box)

Facebook - Be sure to like the page and thank them for streaming season 1 of Beauty and the Beast

Twitter - Follow them and tweet them nice messages such as 'I'm watching season 1 of Beauty and the Beast on #Netflix right now.'

*If you don't live in the states or Canada, please find your country's Netflix account.

Every Beastie both American and International should leave 1 message per day, per social media account beginning tomorrow, Saturday, December 14, 2013 and ending Tuesday March 11, 2014.

Remember to share this EVERYWHERE!

We going to need every single Beastie both American and International to pull this off.

Let's get to work.

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