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Veronica Mars – 2.06 – Rat Saw God– A to Z Challenge – Day 22

'Mars for Sheriff'

'Clever tyrants are never punished.'

- Voltaire

Up for discussion today is one of my favorite episodes of Veronica Mars, episode 2x06: Rat Saw God.

When people tell me that they’ve never watched or heard of Veronica Mars, I kind of just stare at them blankly. This show was the bomb.com. It was smart, it was snarky and it felt real in an odd kind of way. The cast was just aces all around.

The Veronica Mars fandom never went away we just simmered in the background. Our patience was rewarded with a movie (and maybe even a few sequels, a graphic novel or two is the works along with some companion books to hold us over in between movies). If you haven’t given this show a chance, now is the time to check it out.

About the Show

Seasons: 3| No. of Episodes: 64
Premiere Date: 09/22/2004 | End Date: 05/22/2007
Status: Off-Air
Genre(s): Drama, Mystery, Neo-Noir

Story in a nutshell: Set in the fictional town of Neptune, Veronica Mars starred Kristen Bell as the title character, a student who progressed from high school to college during the series while moonlighting as a private investigator under the wing of her detective father.

Why I Love the Show: It has this incredible offbeat humor and the social commentary was always snarky and never preachy.
Title: Rat Saw God | Writers: John Enbom & Phil Klemmer | Director: Kevin Bray

Episode Summary: After Keith loses the sheriff election, Veronica gets asked for help by the last person she ever thought she'd see: Abel Koontz. His daughter, Amelia DeLongpre, is missing and he wants to see her before he dies, so Veronica tries to track her down. This leads to surprises and shocks as she encounters Clarence Wiedman as well. Also,Logan and his father have a conversation in jail before Keith has a talk with Aaron.
Important Stuff

• Woody Goodman is elected to the Balboa County Board of Supervisors. The town of Neptune, being unincorporated, has no officers of its own; the Supervisor whose district includes Neptune is unofficially known as "mayor" of Neptune.
• Keith again loses the sheriff election to Lamb.
• A witness turns up for Felix's murder, so Logan is arrested again.
• Abel Koontz succumbs to stomach cancer.
• Amelia DeLongpre was in Neptune, outside Kane Software, a week ago. Her boyfriend wanted her to get more money out of them and Clarence Wiedman complied. Veronica tracks Amelia to a motel in rural California, and finds her body in the ice machine, just as Wiedman shows up; they investigate together. Amelia's boyfriend starts using the (marked) money in Las Vegas, so Weidman goes there, presumably to kill him.
• Keith visits Aaron and tells him that if one hair is hurt on Veronica's head, Aaron will pay for it.
• Keith breaks into the area where the bus is kept and finds a rat taped under one of the seats.
• Logan's house is burnt down, by the PCHers or Weevil, and he now lives with Duncan.

Character of the Night
• Veronica

Best Character Interactions
• Veronica & Abel Koontz

Best Scene
• Logan and his father have an overdue chat.

Best Cameo
• Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Favorite Actor
• Kristen Bell

Favorite Main Character
• Veronica Mars

Least Favorite Main Character
• Duncan

Favorite Side Character
• Mac

Least Favorite Side Character
• Jackie Cook

Fun Fact: In January 2014, it was announced that a digital spin-off of Veronica Mars was in development with creator Rob Thomas involved in the project. The web series will air on The CW's digital content website, CW Seed. The metafictional concept will feature Ryan Hansen portraying himself in an attempt to make a spin-off based on his character, Dick Casablancas, and will likely consist of six to eight 10-minute segments

Tasty Tidbit: A novel, titled, Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line written by series creator Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham was released by Random House on March 25, 2014. The novels are canon, and will not be negated by a future film.
Grade: B+
Comparable Shows
If you are interested in finding more shows like Veronica Mars then I recommend you watch one, some or all of the following shows: Gilmore Girls, Life as We Know It and/or Pushing Daisies.
Up Next: Be sure to check out the blog tomorrow because I will be discussing my episode of Weeds.

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