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Continuum – 2.03 – Second Thoughts – A to Z Challenge – Day 03

“Clarity Is Priceless”

‘A solid answer to everything is not necessary. Blurry concepts influence one to focus, but postulated clarity influences arrogance.’

― Criss Jami, Salomé: In Every Inch In Every Mile

This episode falls firmly in the category of “Favorite”. I’m a math and science nerd and so naturally a show about time travel can give me hours of entertainment by way of theorizing what type of rules the writers are using for their particular time travel . The first season was brutal as it only had 10 episodes and left on a pretty cool cliffhanger. The second season really stepped up its game and this is the episode where a lot intriguing possibilities start to present themselves.

About the Show
Seasons: 3| No. of Episodes:26 |Premiere Date: May 27, 2012| End Date: N/A |Status: On-Air
Genre(s): Action, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Story in a nutshell: In the year 2077, eight dangerous rebels from the group Liber8, facing execution for an act of terrorism that killed thousands of innocents, manage to avoid execution by escaping into a time jump, transporting themselves from 2077 to 2012. In doing so, however, they also transport Protector Kiera Cameron, a law enforcement officer who tries to intervene and is sucked into the jump too. Soon after her arrival, she gets into contact with, and befriends, young Alec Sadler, the 17-year old who will one day grow up to create the technology that her world is built upon, and who will control future society.

Best Reason to Watch the Show: It’s a fast paced show with plenty of action, character development and twists and turns. It’s the perfect show to marathon on a long weekend. The characters are very intriguing and as the series goes along you learn a lot about each of their motivations.

Best Thing about This Episode: Kiera and Alec bonding time. The show lives and dies with the character interactions between those two. It’s a really cool and interesting relationship with lots of twists, turns and shocking revelations.

Title: Second Thoughts | Writer: Sam Egan | Director: William Waring

Episode Summary: Liber8's internal power struggle takes a violent turn as Sonya and Travis recruit gangs as their weapons. Kiera investigates a new (to 2013) street drug that she recognizes from the future. The drug, called "flash" in 2013, is administered by eye drops and allows the user to remember vividly events from the past.

Alec is part of a group in a car in which the driver had taken the drug. It crashes and Alec ends up with an arm in a sling. He was also given a plastic ampule of the drug but had not taken it.

Kiera learns that Sonya is paying the gang she had recruited to kill Travis with flash. Kiera and Carlos track one of the gang members to the lab where it is being produced and a gunfight ensues in which many of the gang members present are killed. Sonya is there and targets Keira, but neither is successful in their attempts to kill the other.

Travis calls members of various gangs together for a meeting and presents them with the heads of their former leaders. He unites them to fight together.

Kiera is also meeting with Jason, the other time traveler she met in "Endtimes" (the final episode of Season 1), who tells her that there are other time travelers present and that they are trying to kill him.

Alec, desperate to remember something that his late father told him, takes flash, and sees his mother with his father, and when he turns around, Alec recognizes him as Jason.

Character of the Night
• Kiera

Best Character Interactions
• Kiera & Alec

Best Line

•Sonya: We will use the weakness of the system against itself. We will expose corruption and hyprocrisy where it lives and we will sacrifice. But only when there is no other peaceful solution.

Best Scene
• The opening scene where future Kiera tracks down her younger sister who has a drug problem. Kiera’s sister is addicted to “flash” a street drug from the future. This apparently isn’t the first time Kiera’s little sister has succumb to the addiction.

That Awkward Moment Award
• That awkward moment when you discover your crack ship. This is the episode where my crack ship of Alec and Kiera began. She was so sweet and concerned about him, I just wanted them to do more than hug. Plus, now he is at least 18, so it's a little less creepy, right?


Memorable Moments
1. Kiera tells Alec she’s glad he’s OK.
2. Kiera vows to destroy Kellog if he messes with Alec’s destiny.
3. Jason plays multiple games of chess in the park while simultaneously explaining to Kiera what freelancers are.
4. Garza and Travis have a heart to heart about the Liber8 split.

Notable & Quotable
1. Kellog: I use the Google.
2. Kiera (to Kellog): Because it’s lucrative. Because you have the morals of a sea slug.
3. Inspector Dillon: So on top of civil unrest and a drug epidemic, you’re telling me we have a gang war on our hands.
4. Sonya: Ideas are more powerful than guns. (You might have to be a Batman fan for that one to really reasonate).
5. Kiera (to Jason): We both sound like we’re off our meds.

Superb Scenes
1. Kiera confronts Kellog about her suspscions that he is the one behind “flash”.
2. Alec’s mother visits Julian in prison.
3. Kiera picks Alec up from the hospital and lectures him about drug use before she drops him off at home.
4. Alec takes “flash” and remembers a childhood memory that features Jason, which leads him to believe that he is his father.
5. Sonya and her new crew have a shootout with Kiera and Carlos.


• The bad guys are now split in two and causing even more havoc and have a huge lead on the good guys.


My Favorite Main Character
• Alec Saddler

My Favorite Side Character
• Betty

Least Favorite Main Character
• Matthew Kellog

Least Favorite Side Character
• Julian

Tasty Tidbit: Throughout the series, multiple theories are suggested as to the nature of time travel and its effect on the timeline of events leading from 2012 to 2077.

Side Notes: Series creator and executive producer Simon Barry has confirmed that the creative staff have established a set of "rules" for the version of time travel depicted, which will be further explored as the series progresses.
Grade: B+
Comparable Shows
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Up Next: If you are a fan if the Whedonverse be sure to check out my blog tomorrow because I will be writing about the series finale of Dollhouse. .

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