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Arrow - 3.10 - Left Behind - Review: The Ripple of a Good Deed

Last night, after six long weeks, Arrow returned with the third season’s tenth installment which was titled, ‘Left Behind’. It was written by Marc Guggenheim and Erik Oleson. The director was Glen Winter. We welcomed a pretty awesome guest star into the fold in the form of Vinnie Jones who will be playing Daniel ‘Brick’ Brickwell in a 3-4 episode arc. Jones is the most exciting guest star playing a villain we’ve had in a long time and his performance in last night’s episode certainly didn't disappoint.

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Episode Awards

Grade: A-

Character of the Night
• Felicity

Best Character Interactions
• Diggle and Laurel
• Felicity and Ray

Scene of the Night
• Felicity tells Ray that putting on that suit will not bring back his dead fiance.

Best Action
• Opening chase scene.
• Roy fighting Brick's crew in the warehouse with the tunnel in it.

Line of the Night
• Ray: You, you make it sound like an enhanced exoskeleton suit to fight crime and save the city is a loony idea.

Most Memorable Moment
• Laurel gives Diggle a hug.

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