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Young & Hungry – 1.10 – Young & Thirty (...and getting married!) – Review: “A day late and a wedding cake short.”

Hey there all you fans of ABC Family’s Young & Hungry! Are you ready to talk about this week’s episode? I know I am. First let me start off this review with a small prayer to the TV gods and say please let this show get renewed (although with its numbers I might have to resort to writing fan fiction for some emotional closure and don’t worry I will totally share it with you guys).

This week’s episode was written by the series creator and executive producer David Holden. Mr. Holden hasn’t written an episode since ‘Young & Ringless’ which was the second episode of the series. Meanwhile on the directorial side of things the most prolific director of the series to date, Phill Lewis returned to close out the season. I like the synergy between these two and should show be picked up for another season I really hope they utilize these two together more.

So this week’s episode saw Josh and Caroline's wedding being pushed further ahead than planned. Meanwhile, Caroline forgot Josh's birthday and Gabi decided to let Caroline take credit for her special gift for Josh which was a replica of his childhood blanket. Josh is very moved by this gift, and is sure that Caroline is who he wants to marry.

Eventually, Elliot breaks down and reveals to Josh that Gabi is the one who made the blanket, and that Caroline forgot his birthday. When Josh confronts Caroline, they both realize that they are having doubts about their relationship, and decide to call the wedding off. After some advice from Yolanda, Josh decides to go see Gabi and confess his feelings.

By the time Josh makes it to Gabi's apartment, Cooper who is back from China has already won Gabi over with his own sentimental gift. Cue the cheesy 80’s music from Pretty Woman (which apparently is Gabi’s favorite movie).

I must say in the short ten episode run that this show was given the writers really found a good formula. This show lives and dies with the side characters and they have made a solid effort to give them all a chance to shine. Heck, they even fleshed out the character of Yolanda who I was sure would get the short end of the stick because it’s very easy to let the sassy black maid be one note and one dimensional. They also gave Elliott and Josh a nice scene together. Even Sophia’s cynicism returned only to be rebuffed by Gabi’s hopefulness and chaotic life.

And miracles of all miracles, Josh and Caroline’s relationship is over with. It was the most nonsensical thing on the show, to be honest. I really appreciate that they finally let Josh grow up. I’m glad he was the one to call things off. But it is also nice to know that Caroline was having doubts as well.

The main thing about this season as a whole is that I started watching this show because I’m a foodie. I love food and I love shows about food. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this show is based on a food blogger turned personal chef. That’s their hook. They need to play up this aspect a little more. The premise of the show quickly disappeared after about the third episode and other than having Gabi in the kitchen the food has lost its priority on the show.

I was also let down on the food front this week, AGAIN. Muffins and a wedding cake? That’s it? Whatever, moving on.

The best thing about this episode is that everything is starting to feel a little more real and little less slapstick, finally and thankfully. The characters have all come a long way in a short amount of time. This was the second most watched episode of the season. The premiere being the most viewed episode to date. So at least some people checked back in to see how far the show had come and if they’re anything let me the just might have pleasantly surprised.

My final thoughts in regards to this episode are this show really is a modern study on the classic tropes of a sitcom that is also a rom-com and even though I could totally see where this episode was headed it didn’t hamper the ride to the conclusion. This was definitely in the top three episodes of the season and it shows growth on all fronts and sets us up perfectly for the second season. .

Grade: B+


Character of the Night
• Josh

Best Character Interactions
• Josh and Yolanda
• Josh and Elliott

Most Memorable Moment
• Josh out in the rain with the flowers realizing he is too late.

Line of the Night
• Sophia: I'm going to say this one more time, OK? Your gift is super girlfriend-y.

Scene of the Night
• Josh breaks it off with Caroline.


Truth Bomb
• Caroline: I guess that’s what my therapist meant by our relationship being one sided.

Best Food Pun
• ‘You’re the butter to my bread.’

Favorite Running Gag
• Sophia's bat

Connect with the Show
Show’s hashtag: #YoungandHungry

What did you think of this episode? What did you think of the season as a whole? Who’s your favorite character? How hopeful are you about the show’s chance for renewal? Please feel free to sound off in the comments.

You know I love you for reading…

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