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Young & Hungry – 1.03 - Young & Lesbian – Review: “Silly Shenanigans with a side of Store d'oeuvres.”

Hey there all you fans of ABC Family’s Young & Hungry! Are you ready to talk about this week’s episode? I know I am! This week’s episode saw one of the show’s executive producer and former Disney star, Ashley Tisdale guest star.

Jenny Lee wrote this week’s episode and Arlene Sanford directed the episode. I found this combination to be a tad bit underwhelming if I'm going to be absolutely honest. I know it’s only the third episode but after last week’s episode where I definitely saw hints of things gelling and coming together it seemed as though things were falling apart and was even rougher than the pilot. Something that makes matters even worse is that this was supposed to be the fourth episode of the series, so yeah, let that sink in.

Anyway… I have to say I didn't think I would find this week’s setup at all funny or charming and I really didn’t during the first watch. I don't know, maybe I'm a tad bit too uptight but I just don't find pimping the help out amusing. None of the things that make the show worth watching for me was heavily featured; instead all of the things that I don't really care for at the moment were on display.

But during the second watch I loosened up and since I knew where the story was going and could relax knowing there weren't too many offensive things, I enjoyed it a lot more and could watch in the mindset of a casual viewer who falls in the targeted demo.

The setup for this week’s episode was almost like something right out Three’s Company. I could totally see Jack Tripper in Gabi’s role with Mr. Roper being Elliott’s in position. Elliot sets up Gabi on a date with Logan Rawlings (Ashley Tisdale), a magazine editor who is Josh's only chance of making a coveted "30 Under 30" list of a magazine. When goes Gabi goes out for drinks with Logan she realizes it is a date and tells Logan that she’s not gay but she will help her win her girlfriend back. Supposed hilarity ensues.

There was just a criminal underuse of Aimee Carrero as Sophia in this week’s outing. But what little we did see of her was just great. I love Sophia’s knack for summing up Gabi’s trouble in such a succinct manner. The character of Yolanda was also short changed as well though the character did manage to get in a pretty good quip aimed at Elliott.

I guess this was just the episode where they decided to put Elliott front and center. In my humble opinion, Lee just didn’t bring it. If it ever were the time for him to channel his inner Lloyd this would have been the episode. I feel that Elliott was the weak link in this episode and annoyed me out of everyone (and during this episode, honey let me tell, that is saying a lot).

I was also let down on the food front this week. While it was clever, they could have have named off a few more of the dishes Gabi prepared. This show is based on a food blogger turned personal chef. That’s their hook. They need to play up this aspect a little more.

But at least Gabi was her adorkable self and it was even toned just like I hoped for last week. I think this episode really showed a pretty cool side of Gabi. While I do think it is pathetic that Gabi would go to such great lengths for Josh, I also found it pretty nice that Gabi went out of her way to help someone get back together with their ex despite being put in such an awkward position (and on purpose might I add). Though I was not a fan of the trite and cliché stereotypes she was spouting and about lesbians.

After last week’s breakthrough on the Josh front with him laying down the law with Caroline I was expecting a little more. I was sorely disappointed. I just can’t seem to like the character of Josh. The material written for him just comes off as annoying and wishy washy. I think that John Sadowski is playing the character of Josh in a ‘too cutesy’ manner. But he did come off better than Elliott in this episode so there’s that.

The guest stars were the best thing about this episode for me personally. I thought it was really cool getting to see Ashley Tisdale and Jessica Lowndes again. It been awhile since either of them has been on my TV screen (and in both cases I have CW to thank for those controversial decisions in cancelling their respective shows). I really hope if the show gets a season 2 that they can concoct a reason to bring these two back on the show.

My final thoughts in regards to this episode are that I need them to develop these characters at a faster rate, everyone still feels very one dimensional and the dialog falls flat a lot of the time. I really hate the laugh track, so much so that I plan on watching next week’s episode on with the closed caption going.

I would also love for them to find a way to feature the character of Sophia and Yolanda more, since this is a comedy and those two have the timing and delivery down cold. What’s that old saying? You’ve got to accentuate the positive and all that jazz. I think this episode could have gone a little deeper and done a little better if they actually made Gabi’s character bisexual. But that’s just my two cents. Here’s hoping next week’s episode is better.

Grade: C+


Character of the Night
• Gabi

Best Character Interactions
• Logan and Judy

Most Memorable Moment
• Elliott throws the pillow of the balcony because Logan doesn't like it

Line of the Night
• Logan: Oh. You're just like me. I love a good, hard liquor.

Scene of the Night
• Josh being adorkably charming with Logan during her interview.

Bonus Points
• No Caroline in this episode!


Truth Bomb
Gabi: Yeah, I live paycheck to paycheck; I know a little something about pressure.

Best Food Pun
• Logan: That last spoonful of salted caramel crème brulè was so rich it should have a trophy wife.
• Yolanda: Oh, please, let me get some bread for that bologna.

Favorite Running Gag - Yolanda giving Elliot the business
Yolanda: Elliott, why don’t you be a less crouching tiger and a little more hidden dragon.

Style Spotlight - I really liked all of the ladies shoes in this episode.

Connect with the Show
Show’s hashtag: #YoungandHungry

Be sure to tune into Young & Hungry every Wednesday night at 8 pm on ABC Family.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think the show is getting better? What was your favorite scene from this episode? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments. You know I love you for reading…

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