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Beauty and the Beast – 2.19 – Cold Case – Review: The truth will set you free.

Hey, Beasties! I'm back with another review about another stellar episode of Beauty and the Beast. I can honestly and wholeheartedly say there was a lot to love and not a lot to nitpick in this episode which is a sure fire formula for success. Despite the stakes still being really high, this was in a lot of ways, mellower than last week’s episode. I was happy with the themes presented and how they were executed. Nothing makes me happier than a VinCat on the offensive, working together and being on the same page and that’s just what I got in this week’s episode 2x19: Cold Case.

Remember when I told you to be patient on the Gabe front? Well, it seems we've done our waiting, practically a whole season of it and it looks a certain someone is about to get his comeuppance. Let the choir say amen and rejoice! Can I also mention that I love how even when I manage to stay away from spoilers, my rants usually point to something major that will go down in the next episode? Last week, I was all like can somebody, ANYBODY please find some dirt on Gabe so we can at the very least throw him and jail and in the very next episode not only do they attempt to do it but they pull it off as well. But of course sneaky old Gabe made bail but I have a rant for that later on in this review.

If I had to make a long story short and highlight the essentials of what went down this week, I would say: Nicole Gale Anderson graced our screens once more reprising her role as Heather Chandler, Cat's little sister. But surprise, surprise, she's a little more mature and not so flaky. VinCat is still playing a game of cat and mouse with the NYPD but still managing to find time to steal some alone time. JT was in Boston, for who knows what or why. Cat and Tess got suspended. VinCat was out for blood and looking for a way to turn the tables on Gabe and found it by revisiting some loose ends from last season. They fought the law and it looks like they’re about to win. But appearances can be deceiving, let's just hope that is not the case this time. Our heroes need a win desperately.

I'm not a fan of writing teams when it comes to Beauty and the Beast, unless it's Sherry Cooper and Jennifer Levin. But this week's team up of John A. Norris and Eric Tuchman surprised the heck out of me. They did better together than they did alone. This episode was fast paced and very engrossing. While, the episode lacked a lot of what I like to see (JT, Tess, JTnT) I still enjoyed it unlike the last episode that was JT- less. The episode was written tightly but still found the time to give us some humor, romance, action and even managed to tipped the scales in our heroes favor. So if you liked this episode be sure to tweet @BatBeric and @BatBjohn to let them know.

We welcomed a new director aboard this week in the form of Rich Newey. Newey is most known for being a director of urban themed music videos. I loved the performances he pulled out of the actors. I also really loved the way he captured the car chase as well as the outdoor scenes with VinCat meeting up at that pavilion. I could definitely tell that he was a new director because he used some angles and camera shots in some fresh and fun ways. I really loved his use of the two shots and over the shoulder shots. He also really seems to be a fan of the wide shot and mid-shot. I like when the filming of an episode surprises me and shakes things up. Fun Fact: This was his first time directing a TV episode. If you liked the directorial eye of this episode be sure to let him know on Twitter via @rich_newey.

Call me cheesy, if you want but I really like when Beauty and the Beast goes all in on their themes for an episode. The title of the episode was ‘Cold Case’ and of course that’s main procedural element of the episode and the plot device that will be driving the story for at least the next episode. But the underlying themes and motifs that jumped right out were, ‘the truth will set you free’, ‘mending fences’, ‘the importance of family’ and ‘recognizing your faults and trying to do and be better’. These were some of my favorite themes from the first season that were by and large not explored in-depth enough to my liking so I’m happy that we are revisiting them and going deeper. It feels as though the writers have finally for whatever reason decided to start addressing some of characters flaws and faults as well as have them learn from their mistakes. I don’t know about you but I do love the smell of character growth in the morning.

I absolutely LOVED the way this episode opened. I mean come on, if Cat racing around, trying to lose her tail doesn't get you excited, I’m not sure what would except maybe some VinCat sexy fun times. Of course this was just the set up to the crux of the episode, Cat and Tess getting suspended so that the stakes are upped even more and to show us just how far Gabe is willing to go to ‘keep Cat safe’ and away from Vincent. Once Cat safely makes it home to rendezvous with Vincent she is greeted with an unexpected surprise…Heather! Poor Heather, she always has such bad timing. Cat makes up a lame excuse to get to the roof and find Vincent.

In one of the most distracting scenes, a daytime rooftop scene (that was badly green screened by the way, yikes!) we find Cat and Vincent musing just how much it feels like they're right back to where they were when they first started dating at the moment. I was thinking the same thing; I mean Cat was still lying to Heather, needing Tess to cover for her and Vincent is once again the focus of a task force out for blood and needing to hide.

I loved that Cat acknowledges her faults in her relationship with her little sister (and says that Heather is the best because I agree). But in a scene right out of season one, Cat has an “emergency” and has to leave Heather high and dry. I chuckled really hard when Cat was walking through the precinct and all eyes were on her and even harder when the Captain called her into his office. The look of disdain and disgust on Cat’s face when she saw Gabe made me proud.

I don't know if anyone else got excited when the gals were told to turn in the guns and shields but I was. Sure I felt bad for Tess but my goodness I'm so tired of them being cops I don't know what to do with myself. When is the last time we even dealt with something that wasn't beast related or beast adjacent? The precinct setting is hindrance in my opinion and I just wish we could go with something else, end of rant.

Anyway, this prompts Cat to turn up the heat on Gabe and sets her and Vincent on a path to dig up some dirt on the “former” beast. Cat manages to find two cases (both of which have been driving the beasties a little mad with their unresolved status). The first one was the carriage driver and the second more viable one is the murder of Ray Scheckman. I'm pretty sure all of the Beasties went, ‘Oh, so that’s why Heather came back in this episode’ in unison at that reveal.

Cat and Vincent explore the crime scene and catch the scent of an unreported witness. Cat manages to track him down and gets him to make a statement. The witness ID's Gabe and this leads Gabe to being charged with murder. I'd say this was one awesome day for Team Beastie.

Cat is finally back at the forefront of the episodes and being the character that drives the action in a proactive manner and that gets me excited. You want to know something else that gets me excited? Cat repairing her relationship with her sister. I feel like Cat needs someone to slap some sense into her as well as have someone who isn't a part of this beast thing that can ground her.

The character of Vincent just keeps getting better and better. I’m really happy that Vincent encouraged Cat to tell Heather the truth. He knew what a burden and wedge issue it had become for Cat. I like how calm Vincent is about all of this as well. Vincent was actually the one to bring most of the funny in this episode which we haven't seen since he was on that ‘more beast than man’ vibe. I did miss my JT and Vincent bromance time but I think it was very important for Vincent to connect with Heather (especially since that character is going to be a season 3 regular, LOL!). I like how they revealed that he was the one to save her from Ray Scheckman.

It’s funny how little Vincent actually spoke in this episode yet he was the one that made the biggest impression on me. Honestly, when you boil it down, Vincent actually didn't have a lot to do but when he did do something it was HUGE. I love how Jay Ryan manages to find subtle nuances for the character of Vincent and breathes something new into every performance. This week was empathy for Cat and trying to get her to lighten her load by allowing her to share his secret with her sister. The micro expressions were phenomenal and I loved his choice in having Vincent be the calm one in this episode.

Did anyone else notice Gabe’s stubble? If you did notice the stubble did it bring back to a time in the first season when Gabe was at the height of evilness? When Gabe made his first appearance in this episode and I saw the stubble, I said to myself, ‘Yep, the writers are definitely going to make him a full fledge villain and he will hit his point of no return during this episode.’ And wouldn't you know it, that’s totally what happened. Apparently, with Beauty and the Beast all you have to do is ask and ye shall receive. Maybe, not on your time frame but eventually it might just happen. A lot of Beasties have been wishing for Gabe’s downfall and well, it seems like this is the beginning of the end for this character.

Gabe is just the absolute worst and I'm very glad the writers are not shying away from it. They are actually going all in. I loved to hate Gabe last season. He was a compelling big bad who was smart, charming and just absolutely didn’t give a flying f*** who he hurt on his quest for self-preservation. I loved his backstory it was interesting, complex and even fit into the myth arc and expanded upon it but I felt it was very much unneeded. Just let a bad guy be a bad guy is my motto. I feel that is definitely something that they should have done with Gabe from the beginning of this season. I think it would have been really cool if they showed Gabe pulling the wools over the eyes of Team Beastie while revealing to the audience that he was still up to bad things behind their back.

I was actually shocked that Gabe killed the witness. Man, these writers sure do love to up the ante at every turn! Loved the little touch of Gabe seeing flashes of the beast he used to be and perhaps implying he is turning into an even worse one than before (even if it is just on the inside).

Well, you obviously knew what one of my nitpicks for this episode was going to be. Yep, I'm about to go there: NO JT! I love way Austin portrays JT a lot. It’s no secret. Again, I'm sorry for being a broken record but JT is the heart and soul of this show and when the character is absent from an episode it is noticeable. That certain something is just missing. One of my favorite things about Beauty and the Beast is its unexpected quirkiness and comedy that hits you when you're least expecting it. This show can be dreary, moody and downright dark at times; it’s the lightness (which usually comes from JT) that gives the audience the hope and fortitude to soldier on. That is all. Moving right along…

There wasn't a whole lot of Tess in this episode unfortunately. I’m not a fan of how Tess was made to look in this episode either. She was the one that fueled the fire for the suspension by having loose lips. She was the one telling a secret that was not hers to tell. She was the first character to out and out lie to Heather.

But hey at least she got reinstated as a cop. They were doing so well with the first two episodes back by giving the show an ensemble feel and giving JT and Tess a lot more screen time and this just felt like a step back and I was a little disappointed on this front but there were plenty of other things to be happy about

I don't know about you but I for one have missed Heather sorely. I really like the chemistry between Cat and Heather as well as Kristin and Nicole. It's just something special about a relationship between sisters. Miami has worked wonders for Heather. She is happy, healthy and practically glowing. Turns out she is engaged to a guy name Matthew (who by the way has fantastic taste in jewelry) and has been in therapy. She seems more sure of herself and is very blunt when she figures she's being lied to by Tess.

Isn't great now that she's in the loop? Cat doesn't have to lie to anyone close to her anymore and that must be a relief. I enjoyed Heather's return and couldn't be happier that's she's going to be a season 3 regular. Nicole plays Heather with such a burst of energy that it's just hard not to smile when she's on screen with Kristin. This show definitely needed an 'every man' who can be a stand-in for the audience in a world that is as fantastical as Beauty and the Beast can be. Let's be real, if one our friends told us a story that Cat told Heather or if we saw someone actually beast out, we would all probably lose it a little just like Heather. No one has really had an epic freak out when they've discovered that there are beasts among us, this was a refreshing change of pace. I do think that this happened very quickly and was resolved a little too tidily but time is of the essence and I'd much rather spend more time on VinCat taking Gabe down, finding time for each other and repairing their relationship, so all-in-all, I'm totes fine with it.



Character of the Night
• Vincent (Don’t look at me, I’m just really proud of him, OK?)

Best Character Interactions
• Cat and Heather

Most Memorable Moment
• Gabe being forced into a line up/Gabe being identified by the witness
• Heather uses the word cockamamie and storms off.

Line of the Night
• Vincent: Well, he's consistent, I'll give him that. I think I liked him better as beast. Because at least then he was only trying to destroy ME to stay alive.

Scene of the Night
• Cat tries to finally come clean with Heather and Heather doesn’t believe her.

That Awkward Moment Award
• That awkward moment when it appears that Heather is smarter than the entire NYPD.
But bonus points for learning the Chandler's first pet was a cat and his name was Milo!

The‘Smooth Move Ex-Lax’ Award
• Really? Tess, just blurts out, ‘Tell Vincent I said hi.' And another really. It's at that exact moment the captain just happened to be walking by? Also Tess is still privy to things having to pertain to her partner that is suspected of aiding and abetting a fugitive? Not to mention the fact that Cat and Tess only got a suspension for said act of aiding and abetting.

That was the weakest point in the plot but it got us from point A to point G (as in getting rid of Gabe) so I'll just gloss over it.


Burning Questions
• Why was JT in Boston? (Fan fics/ficlets appreciated, LOL)

Fan Girl Rant (to be read in a semi-facetious tone but NOT taken with a grain of salt) - Something that bothered me during this episode was the continuous chatter between Cat and Vincent and their implied 'sexy fun times'. Um, when it comes to that more is more and you need to SHOW not tell.

I Call Shenanigans – Gabe made bail on a murder charge?! OK, sure, whatever but it would have at least had to have been a million dollars and he'd need at least 10% of that which would be $100,000, which by the way, the annual salary for an NYC ADA is about $69,000 and Gabe likes his fancy suits and watches (and let’s not forget manicures, pedicures and facials). Now, take all of that into account, if anything the fact that he made bail should raise even more red flags. I hope they at least took his passport.

Fun Fact: Heather’s dress was made by Valentino. I like that they didn't go with the obvious and cliche choice, Vera Wang.

Style Spotlight – Hands down, without a doubt, Heather’s wedding dress. And can I just say, ‘WOW!’ Nicole looked amazing in that dress. It’s definitely a tie for my favorite TV wedding dress this season (Reign’s wedding dress would be the other contender).

Crackpot (or maybe not) Theory of the Week - Gabe’s beast side is just dormant and it is about to resurface. I like this theory because that means Gabe can get put down in bloody, gruesome way, kind of like how he was supposed to die at the end of last season.

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What did you think of this episode? How does it stack up against the rest of the episodes from this season? Should Gabe be the big bad in season 3 or die at the end of this season? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments. You know I love you for reading…

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