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Beauty and the Beast - 2.08 - Man or Beast? - Review: I dropped a tear in the ocean...

‘I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day you find it is the day I will stop missing you.’

I dedicate the final recap and review of 2013 for Beauty and the Beast to all my lovely Beasties who have turned out every week to read my words. Thank you for reading, commenting and supporting me. Thanks for pushing and helping me to become a better writer. The title of this recap and review sums up not only how I feel about the show but you all as well.

Beasties, I’m going to miss you and the show so much. I want you to have a safe and happy holiday season. Don’t forget to keep on voting for Kristin and the show for the PCA’s. Please remember to be kind, polite and civil, to the crew, cast, guest stars and especially each other when interacting on any social media platform. True Beasties never give up, stick together and believe in each other and our show. Don’t be that fandom. The BatB Fandom is generally regarded as warm, welcoming, understanding and passionate lot. Let’s try and keep it that way. Together we Beasties can overcome almost anything. OK? OKAY!

I’ll be posting something new and fun at least twice per week, for every week we’re on hiatus over on my blog. Expect meta-analysis articles, ratings news, renewal prospects, fan campaigns, polls, challenges, updates on the Beastie December Challenge and a whole lot more, so check it out and check often.

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Now on to your regularly scheduled recap and review…

This week’s episode was written by John A. Norris. The last episode he wrote was 2x03: Liar, Liar. I think this is my favorite between the two. We have also had a returning director, Stuart Gillard. The last episode he directed was 2x01: Who Am I. The combination provided a stellar mid-season finale.

Since so many people seemed to love last week’s format, I think this is the one I will adopt for good.

Synopsis: A DIFFICULT DECISION ALTERS CAT AND VINCENT'S RELATIONSHIP FOR GOOD --- Vincent and Cat find themselves at odds on how to deal with Agent Reynolds, which forces Vincent to wonder if he is more beast than man. Cat makes a drastic move that will forever change her relationship with Vincent.


We got strong Cat, soft Cat and vulnerable Cat. More importantly we got cunning Cat who tricked and manipulated Agent Reynolds like a boss. Cat went through such a diverse of emotions in this episode. She's on the verge on a breakdown which I think will be cathartic. She needs to slow her roll way down and really digest and process everything that has happened to her. She doesn't need a man in her life right now, so I really hope they don't shove her into a romantic relationship with Gabe. The only relationship I want to see her in is one with Tess filled with drinking, shopping and open honest discussion. I love that Cat drew a line in the sand about her conviction on what is right and what is wrong. I love it even more that she put her money where her mouth was and defended her beliefs. When it rains, it pours and Cat is drenched. I'm curious to find out who her umbrella and port in the storm will be when we return.


I finally saw what I needed from Vincent. I was tired of tunnel vision. I was tired of him just accepting his circumstances and not trying to change them. Vincent finally got angry about what was taken from him. I saw a glimmer of hope that he has more than just a physical attraction to Cat, a felt a little sliver of some emotional connection. What I didn't see however was a man who wanted to safeguard his humanity. If the question is if Vincent is more man or beast, I'd have to say he's more beast at this point. Even without Tori around getting in his head and/or beastly emotions. Vincent was just as shocked as Cat that she shot him. I hope he can understand that she did it for his own good as well as her own good. Cat simply would not have been the same person had she let Vincent go through with it. I guess we now know why, TPTB decided to take away Vincent's self-healing abilities. Looks like things are coming together and the bigger picture is becoming clearer.


Tess is getting back to being that friend we all came to know and love back in season 1. She was there for Cat. She only got one littledig in on Vincent. She managed to brighten up a very dark episode. Now, if only she'd stop playing games with JT's heart I'd have absolutely no beefs with her. I'm happy to see them correcting the character of Tess and getting back to the character's roots of being funny, relatable and Cat's best friend on whom she can rely.


JT didn't get nearly enough screen time but at least he was in the episode and got to spend a little time with his lady crush, Tess. Austin manages to make the most of what he's given and managed to make me smile and go, 'Awww', in the short time he did have. Can't wait until he and Vincent get to spend more time to bond.


Well, kids, we got out official confirmation, that Gabe is indeed a good guy with pure and true intentions. I found myself once again falling back in love with the character. This episode reminded me of why I gushed so hard about him at the beginning of the season. The hug he got from Cat was earned and I have no problem with it. But I will have a problem with them getting romantically and/or sexually involved. Gatherine, is a brotp not an otp that I can get behind. Gabe handled the Agent Reynolds situation like a boss. His poker face is an epic myth in the making. Can you believe that Agent Reynolds knew the whole time that he was a beast/former beast? Do you think Agent Reynolds knew there was a cure for beasts? The interactions that I would to see more of is Tori and Gabe. I think that might be the better protege/mentor relationship I'd prefer and also gets her out of the awkward position of being perceived as getting in the way of VinCat.

Agent Reynolds

He got his in the end. I was happy he didn't manage to weasel his way out the predicatment. But then again, I wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to Ted Whittall. But he does have another show that provides higher billing so I understand. But more importantly, this leaves Cat as an official orphan once more. I truly do believe that Bob started off with the best of intentions but somewhere along way got corrupted and twisted. I know he loves Cat but the damage is done and Cat is going to have to write him off completely.


That little she-beast is out of control and in desperate need of spanking. I just hope Vincent is not the one to give it to her, at least not in the literal sense at any rate. Her beast senses have awakened. She has her first kill under her belt. She has an odd sway over Vincent on top of being a beast power amplifier. I don't like it. Tori went from being sympathetic in her introduction, to plot device in the next episode, to sultry vixen who wants to woo Vincent to the Beast side permanently. I love the idea of a female beast but I don't like bratty, ungrateful, sheltered little twits who know nothing of the world. PS: could she have picked anything more gouche from Cat's closet (fishnet shirt and a black leather jacket, what was she trying out for an updated version of Grease?)


Underneath it all, there's still hope for VinCat. Cat wants it. Vincent wants it. But the writers feel like they need a break to learn to appreciate each other. I agree they fell for each other much too fast last season and was hoping them falling in love all over again would be a slow, beautiful courtship that captured and reflected the beginnings of their epic love story but made it feel more mature and earned. I also think that they both need time apart to digest all the events that have happened and piled up in such a short amount of time. I trust the writers and more importantly, I trust Sherri and Jenny's vision, they are after all the biggest VinCat shippers around. Have hope, faith, trust and most importantly patience and things will turn around.

Grade: A-

Reason: I felt the hope and frustration from the characters finally. So many of my concerns were addressed and I think on the way to being fixed. What I wanted to see from Vincent, frustration, anger and despair that he should have been feeling this whole time about what was done to him has finally come to fruition. Cat drew a line in the sand and was firm in her convictions, with no waffling finally.

Tess was a supportive friend, an ear for listening and a shoulder to cry on. Gabe is confirmed to be tried and true in his motives. The Tori/Vincent conundrum is shaping up to be the mentor/protege relationship that I hoped for. Bonus: We got to see and have it semi explained to us just how those nifty beast powers work. Agent Reynolds got what he deserved enabling Cat to actually keep a promise for the first time ever, it feels like. I didn't grade this episode as a mid-season finale because I'm firmly convinced that 'Don't Die on Me' was suppose to be it and nothing can really top 'Bridesmaid Up' as far as I'm concerned so it wouldn't be a fair comparison. I like shows that are well-balanced between mythology and character exploration.

But if I had to choose, I'd go with character development and that's just what we got for better or for worse. The material gave every single character a moment to shine. I'm back on Vincent's side. I'm back to rooting for VinCat. Cat is my favorite character once more. It was a great episode to keep my mind churning for the next six weeks to be sure.


Character of the Night

Finally! I felt utterly compelled to make Cat the character of the night. Kristin gave us one hell of a performance. The writer gave her some really meaty material to sink her teeth into.

Best Character Interactions

It was a three way tie for me this week.

I loved the return of the friendship between Cat Tess, finally.

Cat and Bob in all their scenes were just really amazing together.

Cat and Vincent broke my heart in every scene they were in together. The wanting, the longing, the trying to overcome despite all odds. I love they gave us an emotional roller coaster when it came to those two. They gave us hope and glimpses while still staying true to the story they think is best to tell.

Favorite Moments

1. JT smiles when he finds out Tess will be accompanying him on the body snatch mission.
2. Cat smirks on her way out of Bob's office after successfully setting the trap in motion.
3. Vincent rolls his eyes when Gabe begins to explain his plan.
4. Cat and Vincent hug.
5. Cat and Gabe hug.

Favorite Lines

1. Tess: Let's deal with one beast at time. First we'll deal with your father and then we'll deal with little miss glowy eyes.
2. JT: Perfect.
3. Cat: So no kicking him in the face?

Favorite Scenes

1. Vincent and Tori team up to save themselves from the explosion
2. Cat confides in Tess about her feelings toward Vincent.
3. JTnT go to pick up Zack's corspe
4. Cat and Gabe go to Agent Reynolds office to rattle him
5. Cat and Agent Reynolds say their "goodbyes" and Cat assures him she will find the person responsible for Vincent's death.
6. Cat pleads with Vincent not to kill Agent Reynolds and ends up shooting him.
7. Cat drawing her line in the sand with Vincent and pleads with him to keep his humanity intact.

WTF Moments

1. Vincent causing the car wreck.
2. Vincent not taking one single second to check on Cat.
3. Vincent not being able to be soothed by Cat causing Cat to shoot him.
4. Tori killing the guy with glasses
5. Tori sassing Team Beastie

Burning Questions

1. How long until VinCat is back on track?
2. Is Vincent going to get back all of his memories?
3. If Vincent does get back all of his memories, does that mean he'll be the old Vincent most Beasties love?


The theory I'm holding out hope for is that the Vincent we've seen walking around is a clone and the real Vincent is somewhere in a Muirfield freezer waiting to be rescued.

Repeated Element

Last week, was the phrase alternate universe. This week it was: beast can only get worse, not better and revenge vs. justice.

The Theme

This week's episode theme was a little different. It didn't relate to more than one character. This episode was for all intent and purposes a Vincent centric episode and so the title reflected that fact. I didn't mind it but I prefer when the theme of the week connects to more than one or two characters. I just like that feeling of things being interlocked and interwoven.

Good News

Sherri and Jenny confirmed via Twitter that there will be no more kisses shared between Vincent and Tori. Although, sex can occur without kisses, especially if one is channeling their beastie side.

It has also been confirmed that the character of Tori will not be sticking around for the rest of the season. It has been speculated that she has 3 more episode at most.


Last Week’s Results – Do you like the idea of female beast? – Despite all the grumblings about Tori, a lot of you Beasties are intrigued by the idea of a female beast. Glad to hear it, me too, but that leaves so many unanswered questions.

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